Shuttle bus to “Hydrangea Festival” in Shimoda Park operates from Kyukamura Minamiizu


“Shimoda Park” boasts the largest herd in Japan with 3 million flowers in full bloom.
Resort hotel “Kyukamura Minamiizu” located in Minamiizu, the southernmost town on the Izu Peninsula
Here, only guests will be served a “hydrangea bus” that will take you to the festival venue, Shimoda Park, every Monday and Thursday during the period.

It's like a kaleidoscope! 3 million hydrangeas that are in full bloom.

The hydrangea in Shimoda Park is in full bloom every June, and the hydrangea festival is held at that time.
At the peak, hydrangeas with 150,000 shares and 3 million wheels, which are the largest in Japan, decorate the park, and many tourists visit every year.

This historic park built Shimoda Castle in 1588 as a restraint in the depths of Izu, while the Toyotomi Hideyoshi army attacked Odawara.
It is now a natural park as “Shimoda Castle Ruins”.

51st Shimoda Hydrangea Festival

Period: June 1st (Wed) to 30th (Thu), 2022
Venue: Shimoda Park
3-3-1174, Shimoda City, Shizuoka

>Shimoda City Tourism Association Special Page

Easy from the hotel to the venue! "Hydrangea bus" that you don't have to worry about parking lot.

We will make a round trip between the hotel and Shimoda Park, the venue for the hydrangea festival.
You don’t have to worry about the parking lot being crowded, so you can fully enjoy the view of the hydrangea.

Period: Every Monday and Thursday from June 2nd to June 30th, 2022
Departure time: Kyukamura 10:15 departure / Shimoda Park 12:15 departure
Remarks: Advance reservations are not possible, guests are limited, and check-in dates are required.

Kyukamura Minamiizu's proud dinner "Grand Buffet".

A proud buffet that uses plenty of ingredients unique to Minamiizu, such as sea bream and turban shells.
In the open kitchen, we will prepare “customers want to eat” such as sushi, freshly fried tempura, and roast beef.

Period: All year * We will change to “Family Buffet” in the summer (July 10th to September 4th).
Price: 1 night 2 meals 14,500 yen ~ * Price per person when using a Japanese-style room for 2 people

Kyukamura Minamiizu
A hot spring resort located at Minami-Itogahama, the southernmost tip of the Kii Peninsula.
Located in Tomi Hakone Italy Park, you can enjoy dishes made with fresh seafood, and the hot springs with abundant hot springs are attractive for their garden open-air baths and hot springs that flow directly from the source.
At Ogahama, you can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling and rocky shore play as well as swimming in the sea.

Address: 889-1 Minato, Minamiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka

>Kyukamura Minamiizu Official Website



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