100% natural essential oils that convey the value and feelings of Amakusa cypress are now available in the “tells market”


The forestry company “Ki no Kaori Seisakusho”, which protects the Kumamoto Amakusa Forest for three generations, has started selling essential oils that have been refined without using any chemical substances or additives.
This item is available at the ethical market “tells market” where the forest grows just by shopping.

About "Ki no Kaori Seisakusho"

A brand launched by a forestry worker who protects the cypress forest in the Amakusa region of Kumamoto for three generations.

We have a vision that local forest conservation will help protect the forest, the sea and the whole nature.
In order to make effective use of the branches and leaves of the felled cypress, we are developing essential oil-related products in order to refine and commercialize essential oils from cypress and convey the value of Amakusa cypress to many people.

The scent of Amakusa cypress is “slightly sweet and soothing.”
By using the product, you can feel like you are bathing in the forest, feel refreshed and healthy, and feel the joy of living a comfortable and prosperous life.

Product lineup

Amakusa Hinoki essential oil 5㎖ ~ “AMAKUSA HINOKI PURE ESSENTIAL OIL”
《Amakusa cypress with diffuser》 《Amakusa cypress with scent bag》

An essential oil extracted from the branches and leaves of Amakusa cypress by steam distillation.
It takes 2 days from the collection of the material to the distillation, and then it is left to stand for 3 months or more to become a product.
It is a natural essential oil that is friendly to both humans and the environment, without using any chemical substances or additives during the growing season and before and after distillation.
Available in two patterns, one with a uniquely shaped diffuser that looks like a log cut in half, and the other with a scent bag.

Amakusa Hinoki Room Spray 50㎖ “RELAX”

A room spray made by adding floral water (distilled water) to the essential oil extracted from Amakusa hinoki by the steam distillation method.
Chemical substance-free, additive-free manufacturing.
A refreshing scent that makes you feel relaxed as if you were bathing in the forest.

Amakusa Hinoki Room Spray 50㎖ “REFRESH”

Room spray that blends the essential oil of Amakusa cypress + floral water (distilled cypress water) with the essential oil of lemongrass.
Chemical substance-free, additive-free manufacturing.
You can feel the refreshing scent of lemongrass in the refreshing scent of cypress.

Amakusa Hinoki Outdoor Spray 50㎖ “with NATURE”

An outdoor spray made by adding organically derived eucalyptus radiata essential oil, geranium essential oil, and French lavender essential oil to the base hinoki essential oil + hinoki distilled water.
Chemical substance-free, additive-free manufacturing.
A unique scent that you can feel the blessings of nature with the addition of three types of essential oils in addition to cypress.



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