[KAMEYA RYOCHO]Selling Japanese sweets for the New Year based on the concept of “Rabbit,” the Chinese zodiac sign for the year 2023


KAMEYA RYOCHO, a Japanese confectionery shop in Kyoto established about 220 years ago, will start selling sweets associated with the Chinese zodiac sign “U” and sweets for the New Year from December 1 (Thu.). Please enjoy them as a little treat for yourself or as a gift.

Laughing Good Luck (Zodiac) 1,296 yen (tax included)

【 New Year’s Laughter and Good Luck 】 - Gorgeous yokan jelly topped with black beans, chestnuts and other good luck charms –
This is a gorgeous yokan with black soybeans, chestnuts, walnuts, and other good luck charms on top, inspired by Osechi cuisine. The sour taste of cranberries, which resemble plums, accentuates the flavor. The package features a pattern of the Year of the Rabbit by the Kyoto textile brand “SOU・SOU”.

Manchurian (Zodiac) 216 yen (tax included)

【 Zodiac confectionery Man-Man 】 - Fruity baked sweets using organically grown yuzu –
A zodiac sign confectionary made of Momoyama dough, fresh organic yuzu and cream cheese, and imprinted with the Chinese character for “Rabbit”. The fruity aroma of the yuzu, the richness of the cheese, and the gentle flavor of the white bean paste spread out.

Houirifune (pocket shiruko) 432 yen (tax included)

【 Omikuji Shiruko* Houirifune 】 - Pocket shiruko that comes out of fortune jelly when hot water is poured. –
When hot water is poured, it becomes oshiruko with the aroma of azuki beans and wasanbon sugar. Inside the oshiko is a jelly of fortune cards in the shape of a pine tree, bamboo, plum tree, cherry tree, and tortoise. Why don’t you enjoy the New Year’s holiday in harmony and have a good luck?

*Shiruko: sweet red-bean soup with sweetened red beans (famous product of Okayama)

Kurozu warabi-kan 432 yen (tax included)

NEW!【 type of sweet bean jelly or paste made from black soybean straw 】 - Brown sugar strawbaked rice cake with large Tanba black beans –
With the wish “May you live a blissful life,” plumply cooked black beans from Kyoto Tanba are added to a strawbale rice cake with brown sugar from Hateruma Island. Please enjoy it with a sprinkling of fragrant soybean flour, which is served separately.

Kameya-Ryouchou’s New Year’s sweets will make you feel like New Year’s Day. How about a gift for your loved ones to express your gratitude for the year ahead?
We also offer a variety of year-end and winter gifts filled with this New Year’s confectionery.

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