A new product perfect for spring from a brand with the motif of the heroine of Studio Ghibli work


At “Donguri Closet” Lazona Kawasaki Plaza store, which develops products with the motif of the heroines of Studio Ghibli works,
The new product “Flower Base” (2 types in total) and “Jam Bottle Flower Arrangement” will be released in advance on March 18 (Sat), 2023.

Flower Base "Whisper Of The Heart" the Story Begins / "Howl's Moving Castle" Dreamlike Time

Shizuku, who meets Baron at the antique shop, and Sophie, who is in a dreamy mood after meeting Howl for the first time, are drawn in pale and gentle colors.

Price: 2,750 yen each (tax included)
Size: W65×H160×D65 (mm)

"Kiki's Delivery Service" Jam Bottle Flower Arrangement Strawberry / Orange

It is a very cute arrangement of dried flowers in which Jiji is playing with flowers in a cute jam jar that seems to be sold at a bakery.

Price: 4,400 yen each (tax included)
Size: Ø76×H133 (mm)



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[Shinjuku Gyoen x Naked] NAKED Autumn Foliage in Shinjuku Gyoen 2023 to be held

From November 22 (Wed) to December 3 (Sun), 2023, an autumn foliage lighting event will be held at Shinjuku Gyoen. Following the cherry blossom event this spring, Shinjuku Gyoen and Naked will collaborate again this fall for the autumn foliage event. Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo’s most famous gardens, is one of the few places in the city where visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves. The 200-meter-long rows of plane trees, the best maple tree spot in the city, Momijiyama, and the “Middle Pond,” with its spectacular reflection in the pond, will offer a world where the autumn leaves of Shinjuku Gyoen and Naked’s art and food are fused together.





[Aomoriya] “Watsutsu Kaiun Festival,” an event that invites good fortune, and “Tuna Ippon Tsuri Kuji Lottery,” a lottery to catch a tuna, is newly launched.

Hoshino Resort Aomoriya, a hot spring resort where you can fully enjoy Aomori’s culture, will hold the “Watsutsu (*1) Kaiun Festival,” an event where seven Nebuta Seven Gods of Good Luck will greet you and invite good fortune, starting December 1, 2023.

*1 Aomori dialect means “with all one’s heart”.



[Hoshinoya Karuizawa] Stay Plan to regain health and happiness of mind and body in autumn

Hoshinoya Karuizawa will offer “Karuizawa Kinshu no Kenko Stay” from September 1 to November 30, 2023. Before the weaving experience, the hotel will offer a new experience called “Tour of Autumn Colors in the Valley,” in which guests will tour the grounds with a gardener and learn about the richness of colors woven by nature in autumn. This will help to condition the body and mind while enhancing mental sensitivity and cultivating the ability to cope with seasonal changes.

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