Welcome to HYAKKEI

We launched HYAKKEI to spread the charm of Japan to the world.

Japan’s delicate technology, innovative ideas, hospitality, and the smiles of those who deliver it.This country is full of wonderful things and moments. And new traditions continue to emerge today.
We want everyone who comes to Japan from abroad to meet at least one wonderful Japan. To that end, we will deliver the latest information on Japan and the depth of traditional culture every day.

What HYAKKEI wants to convey

HYAKKEI mean “Stunning views”
HYAKKEI is in each and every heart.
We would like to refresh the hundred views of everyone visiting Japan.

And the charm of Japan is often discovered by foreigners.

You know because you are far away, you notice only because you are different.

We would like to value such sensibilities and make the 100 views of Japan in the heart of the Japanese people positive and hopeful. That is HYAKKEI’s wish.