Article 1 (Application of the Terms)

These Terms of Use are oookeyCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”the Company”). Platform services for processing, management, and distribution of content related to Japanese culture provided by the Company (including the provision and operation of portal websites and distribution management servers). HYAKKEI(hereinafter referred to asthe “Service”) includes the Content provided in the Service. It is the one that defines the use of. This Agreement is for all users who use the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). ) to the user.

2. The User may use the Service at the User’s terminal free of charge, subject to accepting and complying with all the contents of these Terms of Use. However, the communication environment such as equipment and software and communication lines necessary for using this service shall be prepared at the user’s responsibility and expense. The Company shall not be involved in any environment in which the Service is used.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in this terms are as follows:
(1) “Site”: A portal website for us to distribute the Content.
(2) “Server”: A server for the Company to upload the Content in the Service, and for the Company to manage and distribute it on the Site and the App.
(3) “System”: Means a system including the Server that the Company builds and operates to provide the Service.
(4) “Content”: Computer graphics, audio, images, video, programs, text, text, and any other information uploaded by the Company to the Server.

Article 3 (Changes to the Terms and Conditions and Notices from the Company)

The contents of these Terms of Use are subject to change as necessary, but we will not be able to contact you each time, so please check the latest terms and conditions posted on this site when using this service.

Article 4 (Agreements on the Road Traffic Act)

Users can use pCs and mobile phones (including smartphone suphones). or tablet terminals (collectively, “terminals”). If you use this service using the service, please stop operating or watching while driving or walking, such as a car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. Be sure to stop or stop in a safe place. In addition, please note that watching the screen of the terminal while driving a car, a vehicle, a bicycle, etc. may lead to a traffic accident and may violate the Road Traffic Act.

Article 5 (Principles of User Self-Responsibility)

The User shall be solely responsible for all actions and consequences arising from the User’s use of the Service. In the event of a dispute or other problem arising from the User’s actions, the User shall resolve the issue at his or her own expense and responsibility and shall not cause any inconvenience to the Company.

Article 6 (User Information)

The user agrees to collect the contents of the following questionnaire (country/region, gender, age) and the results of the analysis of the operation logs of the Application as statistical information, and to disclose them to the Company for the purpose of improving the functions of the Company’s services, sales activities, and the presentation of research results, as well as to the Group companies, business partners who have entered into a confidentiality agreement with the Company, and tourism-related businesses.

2. The Company may entrust business including handling user information (information of questionnaires, operation logs, etc. specified in the preceding paragraph) to subcontractors within the scope of consideration of the provision or improvement of the Service. In this case, the Company shall be responsible for the supervision of the subcontractor to properly handle the user information after entering into a confidentiality agreement with the subcontractor regarding the user information. In addition, when re-contracting from a subcontractor (including the case of re-contracting) shall conclude a similar non-disclosure agreement and handle it appropriately.

Article 7 (Notes on Location Information)

Depending on the user’s environment andGPS satellite status, the location may not be displayed correctly. Please use it with your understanding in advance. Depending on the terminal and settings of the user, you may not be able to use the service that requires the user’s location information. The Company shall not be liable for any errors in the content of information caused by the accuracy of the location information.

Article 8 (Intellectual Property Rights, etc.)

All rights to this content (all intellectual property rights, including ownership and copyright, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc.) belong to the Company or any third party (including local governments) who owns such rights.

2. The user may perform the following acts in the Service. However, under no circumstances in any case, it is prohibited to store the Content (excluding screen images of the Service) on the Terminal and to use the Service for commercial use.
(1) Use the screenshot function of the terminal to save the screen image of the Service.
(2) To save the photograph taken using the frame shooting function of the service to the terminal.
(3) Upload images stored by the preceding itemsto social network services such as Twitter, Facebook, LINE, etc.

3. The User shall not acquire any rights to the Content, except for the acts of use expressly specified in the preceding paragraph, without the permission of the right holder, take ownership, copyright, and all intellectual property rights, including copyright, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. You may not engage in any act that infringes any rights to the Content. However, the act of using the Content within the scope of the purpose of private use stipulated in the Copyright Act shall not be included.

4. In the event of a problem in violation of the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, the User shall resolve such problems at his/her own expense and responsibility and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.

5. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, if a third party makes a legal claim against the Company or causes damage to the Company, the user who caused the dispute or damage shall bear the costs required for the processing by the Company and shall be liable for damages.

6. The User shall not exercise the moral rights (right of publication, right to display name, and retain identity) to a third party that has acquired rights legitimately from the Company and the third party and a person who has succeeded to the right from the Company and the third party for some of the content that may be copyrighted works.

Article 9 (Advertising)

The User acknowledges in advance that the Content provided by the Company to the User in the Service may be inserted or displayed in the Content of the Company or a third party. The Company shall not be responsible for the content, display method, etc. of the advertisement.

Article 10 (Prohibitions)

When using the Service, the User shall not engage in any of the following acts or acts that are likely to occur.
(1) Acts that infringe legitimate rights such as ownership of the Company or a third party, all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. (including acts that are reproduced, posted, processed, modified, adapted, transmitted, or otherwise used)
(2) Transfer, sell, rent, and re-license the Content to a third party without obtaining permission from the Company, regardless of whether it is free of charge.
(3) Acts of falsifying or erasing information on the Service without permission
(4) Reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or similar acts of the Content;
(5) If technical safeguards are taken to prohibit unauthorized reproduction of the Content, remove, modify, or otherwise circumvent the Content;
(6) Acts of using or distributing harmful programs such as computer viruses through the Service or in connection with the Service;
(7) Acts that slander or slander the Company or a third party, or acts that damage social dignity, honor, or privacy, or acts that may do so.
(8) Acts that violate or are likely to violate laws, regulations, etc.
(9) Acts that violate public order and morals
(10) The act of sending or displaying information or images of any thing that induces or may induce a crime;
(11) Acts of transmitting or displaying discriminatory information or images based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability or age, etc.
(12) Acts of attacking or injuring others, or sending or displaying other harmful information or images;
(13) Acts that interfere with the operation of the Service or damage the credibility of the Service;
(14) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 11 (Temporary Suspension and Suspension of Provision)

The Company may temporarily suspend the provision or operation of the Service and in part of the Service and the System in any of the following cases without prior notice to the User.
(1) When emergency inspection or maintenance work is carried out due to failure or failure of infrastructure, communication lines, etc. included in this system.
(2) When the Service or the System may cause damage to the Company, users or third parties, or cause damage to the Company, users or third parties.
(3) When the Service or the System cannot be provided due to force majeure such as natural disasters
(4) In addition, when the Company determines that it is necessary for operational or technical reasons.

2. The User shall not make any objections to the measures taken by the Company regarding the Content. In addition, the User agrees not to claim damages to the Company for any damages incurred by the Company., which is caused by the Company’s measures.

Article 12 (Changes and Terminations of the Service)

The Company may change the contents of the Service or terminate the provision of the Service for the Company’s convenience. In addition, if the Company makes important changes to the Contents of the Service or ends the provision of the Service, the Company shall notify the User of such content at least one month prior to the change date or end date.

Article 13 (Disclaimer)

The Company makes no warranty for the following matters: In addition, the Company shall not be liable for the exchange, correction, or other responsibility for the exchange of information, content, etc. based on the following matters.
(1) The Service meets the user’s purpose of use and requirements.
(2) The information posted in the Service (including the content, user’s post information, and information stored on this site) satisfies the bulletin, accuracy, legality, usefulness, and completeness.
(3) In this application, there is no interruption of functions, errors, bugs, defects, etc. of the system.
(4) No computer viruses or other harmful substances in this application

2. The Company may suspend or discontinue the operation of the Service without prior notice in the following cases:
(1) When changing information, functions or systems on a regular or emergency basis
(2) When the system or equipment is inspected regularly or urgently
(3) When the provision of the Service cannot be maintained due to natural disasters, earthquakes, power outages, etc.
(4) When it is necessary to stop or terminate due to other unforeseen events

3. In the event that the Company suspends the operation of the Service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall notify the User to that effect by notifying the User in advance by notifying the User on this site. However, this does not always mean this in case of emergency.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any of the following matters:
(1) Damage to the user caused by the suspension or discontinuation of the Service or changes in the contents of the Service
(2) Damage caused by the environment of terminals, lines, software, etc. used by the user
(3) Accidents and damages caused by users while using the App
(4) Damage to terminals, lines, software, etc. caused by downloading from the Service and third-party websites, including advertisers, or infection of computer viruses, etc.
(5) Delay, change, suspension, discontinuation, abolition of the Service, loss of information, etc. provided through the Service, or other damages arising in connection with the Service
(6) Third parties other than the Company (including, but not limited to, advertisers) on the Service. If a link is posted to a website operated by the User, the use (including, but not limited to, billing, purchase of goods, etc.) made by the user on the linked website is not limited to. Damage caused by
(7) Other damages deemed unavoidable by the Company

5. In addition to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for any physical or property damages incurred by the User in connection with the use of the Service, except in cases caused by the Company’s intention or gross negligence.

Article 14 (Compensation for Damages by the Company)

In the event that the Company is liable for damages to the User in connection with the use of the Service, the Company shall compensate for any actual normal and direct damages (with or without foreseeability, regardless of whether or not the Company is foreseeable, including lost profits, indirect damages or special damages).

2. The amount of damages based on the preceding paragraph will be determined after separate consultation.

3. The Company’s obligation to damage suing users with respect to the use of the Service shall be all of this article.

Article 15 (Claim for Damages)

If the Company or a third party suffers damages because the User has committed an act in violation of these Terms or the Company deems it inappropriate for the operation of the Service, the Company or a third party may make a claim for damages (including attorney’s fees) against the User, in which case the User shall compensate for all damages at the user’s responsibility and expense.

2. The Company shall have the right to suspend the user’s use of the User in accordance with the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations if the User violates Article 10.

Article 16 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The governing law of these Terms shall be the law of Japan, and any dispute concerning these Terms and the Service shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance, depending on the amount of the complaint. In the event that these Terms are translated into each country’s language and there is a difference between japanese wording and Japanese language, the Japanese wording shall prevail.

Article 17 (Changes to the Terms and Conditions, etc.)

The revised Terms shall take effect from the time they are posted on this site, except as otherwise provided by the Company, and from that time, the terms of use of the Service shall be based on the revised Terms.

2. If the Company continues to use the Service after posting the revised Terms, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to change the Company’s Terms of Use.

3. All other matters not specified in these Terms shall be reserved at the discretion of the Company.

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