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The third outing campaign for Chichibu: Nagatoro’s “Mountains and Rivers”

Chichibu Railway Co., Ltd. and Hodosan Ropeway Co., Ltd. carry out the “Chichibu Going Out Campaign-Nagatoro’s” Mountains and Rivers “Both Discounts-“.

In this campaign, if you purchase “1 Nagatoro Line ticket (A or B course)” and “1 Hodosan Ropeway round-trip ticket” at the same time on the day, you can purchase at a lower price than the regular price. In addition, at Hodosan Small Animal Park and Hodosan Ropeway, we will carry out a campaign to invite children for free on Saturdays and holidays. The details are as follows.



A bus tour to enjoy a 360-degree view of the Oirase Gorge, a sacred place for autumn leaves

The only resort hotel “Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel” built along the Oirase Keiryu will carry out the “Autumn Leaves Premium Open Bus Tour” from October 18th to 31st, 2020. .. Autumn leaves peak from mid-October to early November every year, and about 700,000 people (* 1) visit the Oirase Gorge and its surroundings. Although it is a time of increasing bustle, this tour, which is held in the early morning, allows you to enjoy the autumn leaves from a new perspective while feeling the tranquility and clear air that are completely different from the daytime.

In addition, because the open-air double-decker bus runs along the mountain stream, you can fully enjoy the exhilaration of running through nature and the 360-degree view, and just by taking the bus, the national park is rich. It is also a feature that you can enjoy nature. This tour has been realized in partnership with Hinomaru Motor Co., Ltd., which develops a two-story open top bus tour “Sky Bus Tokyo” in Tokyo. This is the first bus tour in Japan that runs along a mountain stream where you can fully enjoy the autumn colors.





Work remotely in Kamakura and have a meal at the town employee cafeteria, a community space for local workers

Kayak Co., Ltd. will open the “Machino employee cafeteria” which is an employee cafeteria operated in-house in the area from August 17, for remote workers in Kamakura. With more than 50 local restaurants opening every week, we will work to revitalize the local community in the era of “choose a place to work” by utilizing the community space where the people who work in Kamakura gather.



“Local Temari Sushi Assortment” where you can enjoy 15 types of Temari sushi at domestic facilities such as eel and Nozawana

On 1st September, 2020, “Tejiri Temari Sushi Assort” will be available at all the facilities of Hoshino Resort’s hot spring inn brand “Kai”.
We packed 15 types of Temari sushi that symbolize each facility in Japan in a wooden box, such as Kabayaki of eel and pickled Nozawana. When you open the drawer, you can see the colorful Temari sushi, and you can feel the excitement of opening a jewelry box. In addition, we focused on directing the scene of eating Temari sushi, such as lighting up the autumn leaves and setting up with the theme of art autumn so that you can feel the long night of autumn. By squeezing Temari sushi, you can spend a long autumn night luxuriously while traveling around Japan.


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