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Uchina Stay Report vol.5:”Time slip to the Ryukyu era ~ Impregnable secret and priest Noro, Part 2 ~”

When people on the main island of Okinawa hear the dialect of “Miyakojima,” they often hear the story “I don’t know what they are saying.”

The island has its own language and customs in the area. It cannot be categorized as “Uchinaguchi (Okinawa dialect)”. I think that is one of the attractions of Okinawa.

sometimes feel this from “Uchinanchu (Okinawa people)”.

・Live and let live.

・ There are things that are important to others, just as there are things that are important to you.

It may be the sensibility unique to Uchinanchu, which was created by interacting with various cultures.

By the way, this time is the second part of the world heritage site “Katsuren Castle Ruins”. I would like to take a look with Katsuren Castle about the prosperity of Katsuren, the secret of the stone stairs, and the “folk religion” in Okinawa.





<Exclusive interview with Miwa Komatsu> -Part2- Approaching Miwa Komatsu as an artist, production of the Shin-Fudoki Part2, and “prayer” at the origin of her creation.






<Exclusive interview with Miwa Komatsu> -Part1- A trip to Izumo with Miwa Komatsu

An exclusive interview with Miwa Komatsu, a contemporary artist who is active on the world stage, Part 1.
Ms. Komatsu is going to be part of the TV program Another Sky (NTV) on 5/27 (Ise episode) and 6/3 (Izumo episode) for two consecutive weeks.

In the program, Ms. Komatsu visited Izumo, where she dedicated her work “Shin-Fudoki” in 2014, and produced “Shin-Fudoki Part2”, which will be premiered in the program.

Miwa Komatsu is always looking to the future. And I was happy to have her in an exclusive interview with HYAKKEI. Her experience of the appearance of the “pillar of light” a few years ago at Izumo Taisha had a great influence on her work. We will approach her deep relationship with Izumo Taisha, the production of new art in the land of Izumo, and the origin of prayer at the center of her work.

In Interview Part 1, I will talk about “Izumo Taisha with Miwa Komatsu” based on the shooting scenery of the TV program Another Sky. Ms. Komatsu, who is full of love for Izumo, talked about it in a very natural way.

Photo: Keiko Kanba / Interview & article: Shin Kikuchi(HYAKKEI)

The highlight of this TV program Another Sky is her first public painting produced in the same old folk house as her work “Shin-Fudoki” in 2014. I will tell you more about it in Interview Part 2.

< Miwa Komatsu Profile >

Born in Nagano, Japan in 1984. She started making copperplate prints while she was a student at Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College. In recent years, she has expanded her production area to acrylic paintings, 3D works, etc., and released works with the theme of gods and beasts with her powerful expressive abilities.

In 2015, she exhibited her Arita porcelain work at the Chelsea Flower Show held in London, and her award-winning works were stored in the British Museum. After that, she broke records in both mobilization and sales at solo exhibitions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The VR work “INORI ~ Prayer ~” in collaboration with HTC Taiwan has been nominated for the 76th Venice International Film Festival VR Division and the Raindance Film Festival in the United Kingdom. In 2020 she was in charge of designing the Chari T-shirt for Nippon Television’s “24-hour TV”. It is attracting a lot of attention at home and abroad.

Miwa Komatsu | Official site

TV program “another sky”
Nippon TV
May 27 (Thu) Ise edition 24:59 – 25:39
June 3 (Thu) Izumo edition 25:09 – 25:39

Another Sky Program Official Website


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