Academy Award nomination, animated short film “Dam Keeper” YouTube full-length free delivery


In view of the situation that many people are forced to spend their time at home due to the influence of the new coronavirus that spreads around the world, we have decided to offer the full-length free distribution on YouTube’s Tonko House channel for a limited time. Please enjoy the gem story.

In addition, KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. released a picture book of “Dam Keeper” on March 29, 2019, and held the “Tonko House Film Festival” at EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku from April to May of the same year. We are currently selling various goods such as “Dam Keeper” picture books at the Kadokawa Store.

"Dam Keeper" Story

The town is a large dam, damming the polluted atmosphere. It is Pig, a solitary pig boy, who lives in the windmill hut above the dam and turns the windmill in the morning and evening to protect the town. People used to hide pigs, even though they knew who was in town. In the new semester, transfer student Fox came to a school in the town. Loves to draw and interacts with the innocent Fox, which brings down Pig’s lonely heart. However, one day an incident happened …

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At the Kadokawa Store, including the picture book "Dam Keeper", Tonko House goods are on sale!

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1) Picture book “Dam Keeper” (1,760 yen including tax) * Electronic books are also on sale

2) Tonko House Film Festival 2019 Tote Bag (2,037 yen including tax)

3) Bamboo tumbler (1,834 yen including tax)

4) A set of 2 earth-friendly clear file sets (2 types) (1,019 yen each including tax)

5) Drawstring bag (1,019 yen including tax)

6) B2 art poster (916 yen including tax)

What is Tonko House?

Daisuke Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo are art directors at Pixar, one of the best anime studios in the world.
While working, he wrote the script himself and made a self-produced movie. The two directors’ first film “Dumb Key”
Par has won more than 20 awards at international film festivals around the world and won the 2015 American Academy Awards for Short Films.
It was nominated for and made a big sensation. In 2014, they established Tonko House, independent of Pixar. With new colleagues, he is expanding his range of activities in various fields such as video, publishing, and art events. Currently planning and developing a new product.



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At Hoshi noya Fuji, Japan’s first glamping resort, we propose a stay where you can fully enjoy the nature, avoiding the dense environment. A guest room with a terrace living room with a view of Mt.Fuji, a pizza making that you can experience a limited number of groups at outdoor dining, a private camping experience with a small number of people, such as a private camping experience, you can enjoy the real pleasure of camping. You can refresh your mind and body in a unique way.



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Hoshinoya Kyoto, a ryokan inn with river views in all rooms in Arashiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, offers a stay where you can spend an elegant time for the first time in a long time, avoiding 3 denseness * thoroughly. For those who want to change their mood a little within the range that can be reached by car, Hoshinoya Kyoto provides hospitality where you can enjoy Kyoto culture inside the building. It is about 30 minutes away from the center of Kyoto city by private car or taxi, avoiding contact with people as much as possible during stay, it is a seasonal activity where you can enjoy delicious food in private space and Kyoto culture. Why don’t you discover it?

*: “Closed space with poor ventilation”, “dense place where people gather and spend”, “close scene where a large number of unspecified people are likely to come into contact”: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website




The world’s largest peony garden “Tsukuba peony garden”, “Video of 8,000 peony floating on the water surface” has been released!

The world’s largest peony garden “Tsukuba Peony Garden” (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, director: Koichi Seki), which boasts the world’s largest peony garden with approximately 60,000 peony and peony roots, has been shortened this year due to the new coronavirus. However, at this moment, more than 40,000 peonies have blossomed and are in full bloom. As an online project for fans who can not go to Peony Garden this year and customers who are far away, we will stream a video of the “Peonies floating on the water” from May 15 (Friday) (The garden is peony every weekend) Is floating on the surface of the garden).
In this video, we will also show behind-the-scenes scenes that are not usually seen, such as the situation of skilled peonies farmers in the field. Although the flowers have passed their shipping time, we will make effective use of the beautiful flowers that are in full bloom, and will continue to beautifully decorate the surface of Tsukuba Botan Garden this year.




Search for character manholes of Reiji Matsumoto works such as “Galaxy Express 999” in Kokura City, Kitakyushu

Japanese anime culture is world-famous, and many people visit Japan for it.
Some works have fans all over the world, and some have been made into movies overseas. These masterpieces are treated even more specially in Japan, the manholes with animated characters are very unique, and these unique manholes are the target of a trip to Japan, making your trip more enjoyable.



Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Museum held 364 paintings drawn by painters with domestic and foreign mouths and feet!

Since 2012, the Association of Artists Drawing with Mouth and Feet has held an online painting exhibition “Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Museum” in order to let many people see the paintings of people with disabilities. In addition, we are pleased to announce the holding of the 8th online painting exhibition “SPORT & PEACE With Sports and Peace” in this spring.

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