Craft Gin from Dandelion Chocolate


Craft Gin “CHOCOLATE GIN 2020” with Tatsumi Distillery, which manufactures spirits in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture. “CHOC & MINT”, the “Eau de vie with” (French meaning “water of life”, distilled spirits made from fruits and plants) mitosaya herb garden distillery established at the site of herb garden in Otaki town, Chiba prefecture. Will be released at the same time.

Tatsumi Distillery x Dandelion Chocolate "CHOCOLATE GIN 2020"

We husk (hull) and nib of Guatemalan cacao beans harvested in 2018 from barrel-aged shochu and dandelion chocolate produced by Tenryo Shuzo in Gero, Gifu Prefecture. The vanilla aroma derived from the barrel, the savory flavor of barley shochu, and the sweet flavor of cacao from Guatemala achieve exquisite harmony through distillation. The deep taste of the spicy scent of juniper berry with the bittersweetness of dark chocolate.

Available stores: Bean to Bar Lab Kuramae, online store
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mitosaya x Dandelion Chocolate "CHOC & MINT"

This material, which feels like a nut, is carefully pickled in rice spirits and then distilled. Later blend. The fruity and light aroma of Marl Brandy with a slight addition is also felt, making it the perfect brandy for an elegant after-dinner drink, especially dessert.

Available stores: mitosaya WEB site, Factory & Cafe Kuramae, Bean to Bar Lab Kuramae, online store
* February 1 (Sat) and 2 (Sun) at mitosaya POP UP SHOP at Kinosaki Onsen “MMM” in Hyogo Prefecture To be sold.
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Tatsumi distillery

Tatsumi Distillery believes that “delicious distilled liquor is born from delicious brewed liquor”, engaged in wine making from summer to autumn, and potato shochu and sake brewing from winter to spring, learning distillation and brewing, seeking the origin of shochu. To Southeast Asia. A craft gin distillery started by Shohei Tatsumi who has spread his insights into more than 700 breweries and breweries in 30 countries around the world, including travel to Georgia and Turkey in search of the origin of wine. This is also Japan’s first small-scale distillery.


This distillery is located in Otaku Town, Chiba Prefecture on a vast site of about 16,000 square meters, in a medicinal herb garden with about 500 medicinal plants.

Both companies have their own worldviews, and they are the leaders in the Japanese craft spirits world with small batches (small lot production) using fruits and plants as raw materials. In addition to our commitment to raw materials, manufacturing and products, we joined this collaboration based on mutual sympathy for craftsmanship.



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