Reproduce Takehara’s local cuisine “fish rice” inherited from the salt-making town that has continued since the Edo period


The VMG HOTELS & UNIQUE VENUES hotel is a boutique hotel that takes advantage of the buildings and nationally designated cultural properties that remain in the Preservation Districts for Traditional Buildings. We offer a timeless experience of staying in harmony with the city.
“NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Shiomachi” is a decentralized hotel that has been renovated from a building that used to be a restaurant and brewery in the Edo period.
In order for everyone to enjoy the traditional food culture of Takehara, which has continued since the “Edo period” in a historic mansion, the restaurant has prepared a local dish “fish rice” as an optional course dish.

Fish rice is a local dish rooted in this area, which has a history as a “city of salt making”. The taste of the houses of Takehara’s beach husband (lord of the salt fields) has been passed down from generation to generation, but now that salt production is no longer possible, it has become extremely rare.
Beginning with the salt-making industry in 1660 and the brewing industry in 1733, the special “fish rice” that is packed with local mountain seafood, inheriting the traditional taste of the Taketsuru family, which has spun its history and culture in Takehara for generations. “.
It is a product that was completed by directly transmitting the recipe from the local long-established sake brewery “Taketsuru Shuzo”.

About Takehara's local dish "fish rice"

For rice, please add color such as Nishiki to the fresh seafood of the area such as Kochi, Taikai, and Nikko.
To prepare the ingredients, we use Nihonshu from Niitsuru Sake Brewery.
In addition, the rich soup stock made from local soy sauce (Okamoto Soy Sauce Brewery) that has been aged for two years will be combined with the flavor of yuzu and other flavors depending on the season. Sprinkle hot soup stock and add wasabi to your liking.

This fish rice can be enjoyed as an optional item of the regular course [Otsuji].

・ Lunch course 3,080 yen (tax included) ~
The above course option fee + 2,200 yen (tax included)

・ Dinner course 6,050 yen (tax included) ~
The above course option fee + 2,420 yen (tax included)

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NIPPONIA HOTEL Ayahara Shiomachi

The salt town of Aihara retains the beautiful scenery of the past when it prospered in the salt industry.
The salty mansion called “Hama-husband” is creating the current townscape. They have a deep knowledge of academics, have a strong commitment to food, and are prosperous in the naturalization of Japan.

Thanks to them, the city has a history of great development. NIPPONIA HOTEL Takeshi Shiomachi is a mellow local sake brewed by three breweries that have been in business for over 150 years.

Food materials such as seafood, citrus fruits, and olives grown in the mild climate of Setouchi. We will expand the world of beauty by combining salt, which has different tastes depending on the manufacturing method and production area, with various sakes and food materials.
>NIPPONIA HOTEL Hara Shiomachi



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