Offering long-established ramune to guests in Hoshinoya Tokyo


At Hoshino Resorts, in 2020, we launched the “Mottainai Project,” an initiative that contributes to the recovery of food loss problems in various regions that were born in the Corona disaster. From July 1st to August 31st, 2009, we will offer Hoshinoya Tokyo’s original “Kuzukiri Ramune” that supports the long-established Ramune shop in Tokyo, which has been in business for 80 years.

"Kuzukiri Ramune" that is cool to the eyes

It is a dish of ramune poured into Kuzukiri with ramune flavor. You can enjoy the cool feeling with the clear and vivid color of Kuzukiri. We will provide Kuzukiri Ramune at the “Tokyo Summer Night Feast”, an event that conveys the culture of Edo to the present day. We also offer a limited number of bottles of ramune with a limited label for “Tokyo Summer Night Feast”.

Comment from Mr. Yasuhiko Hidaki, Tokyo Beverage

At the factory, we have been working hard every day to protect the culture of Ramune, which is a Japanese summer tradition. I am very grateful that Ramune, which cannot be sold as usual due to the cancellation of the Corona Festival and the fireworks display, will be used at Japanese inns. Just as I drank Tokyo Ramune when I was a child and was impressed by its taste and refreshing feeling, I hope that many people will experience the wonderfulness of Japanese Ramune.

Overview of “Kuzukiri Ramune”

Offer period: July 1st-August 31st, 2021
Location: Lounge (Kuzukiri Ramune), Hoshinoya Bar (Bottle Ramune)
Time: 17: 00-21: 00
Target: Guest
Price: Free

At the same time, we are holding a “Tokyo Summer Night Feast” that conveys the culture of Edo to the present day.

It is an event that conveys the culture of Edo to the present day. You can enjoy the play and atmosphere that are familiar to you at fairs. It is said that samurai residences lined up around Otemachi, where Hoshinoya Tokyo is located, and that unique traditional performing arts and entertainment developed. We will convey to the modern people the splendor and fun of the culture rooted in this area.

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