[Hoshino Resort Aomoriya] “Tange Hanasaka Matsuri” event to enjoy the long-awaited arrival of spring after a cold winter.


Hoshino Resort Aomoriya will hold the “Tange (*1) Hanasaka Festival” from April 3 to May 31, 2024, to celebrate the arrival of spring in Aomori.

*1 It means “very much” or “a lot” in the Aomori dialect.

Nebuta Hanasaka Jisan," which makes approximately 200 apple blossom-shaped lanterns bloom

On top of a large apple tree standing in the center of “Jawamegu Plaza,” located in the center of Aomoriya, the event’s symbol “Nebuta Hanasaka Jisan” will celebrate the arrival of spring with guests. About 200 apple blossom-shaped lanterns made by Hanasaka Jiisan will bloom in the plaza, creating a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) atmosphere.

Leaping Man's Mini Hanagasa" for arranging colorful flowers (New)

“Haneto” dancers who leap high to the rhythm of musical accompaniment, enliven the Aomori Nebuta Festival, one of Aomori’s representative festivals. Inspired by the large, colorful hanagasa (hats) with flowers on their heads, the participants in this program will make their own “Hanagasa (miniature hats)” by arranging colorful flowers in a small, palm-sized hat.

Ittogoma Hanamaiuro" with dancing petals and Hanami Sake

Every day from 8:00 p.m. during the festival, flowers made bloom by “Nebuta Hanasakajisan” will dance around the plaza. Hanami sake will be served before and after the event, and visitors can relax with a glass of sake in hand while watching the flowers dance in the air.

Apple and Cherry Blossom Corridor" decorated with lanterns depicting apple blossoms

The pathways in the museum are decorated with more than 300 lanterns depicting apple blossoms and cherry blossoms, giving visitors a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) experience as they move through the museum. This is a recommended photo spot for a memorable spring photo with friends and family.

Cherry blossoms on washi paper and Tsugaru Biidoro floating balls create a fantastic view of the open-air cherry blossom viewing "Sakura Touri no Yu" (Cherry Blossom Light Bath)

In the pond surrounding the open-air bath “Uki-yu”, a single cherry tree in full bloom, made using the Nebuta technique, stands in the pond, and a cherry-colored “Tsugaru-biidoro” floating ball, a traditional handicraft, floats on the surface of the water. At night, the pond is illuminated, and visitors can enjoy bathing while gazing at an even more fantastic view.

Hoshino Resort Aomoriya

Location: 56 Aza Furumakiyama, Misawa City, Aomori Prefecture
Lodging fees: From 23,000 yen per night (per person per room, double occupancy, tax included, including dinner and breakfast)

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