“LIVE in the DARK -CLASSIC” Live performance of Chopin’s masterpiece at the planetarium


From Saturday, July 17, 2021, at Konica Minolta Planetarium Sky in Tokyo Sky Tree Town (R), under the stars of the sky projected by the planetarium, a special performance by a professional player can be enjoyed with “eyes and ears”. We will hold a classical concert. Please enjoy Chopin’s masterpiece by string quartet and the concert where the stars in the sky are synchronized during this summer’s healing time.

Nocturne left by Chopin to experience in the planetarium

The performers in this performance are called “Piano Poetry” and are the masterpieces of the Romantic pianist / composer Frederic Chopin.
Chopin’s piano melody still attracts our hearts without fading.
“Farewell song (Etude Op.10-3)” and “Ame-dare (Prelude Op.28-15)”, including “Nocturne Op.9-2”, which is famous as a Japanese name and nocturne. Please enjoy the beautiful and fantastic set list with the realistic stars projected by the planetarium to your heart’s content.

Chopin's ultimate masterpiece in a string quartet

In this performance, while faithful to Chopin’s original song, which is a piano song, we will perform with a new approach using a string quartet. The quartet with a special composition (*) using two violins, violas, and contrabass reproduces the bass to treble band and sound pressure of the piano, while each instrument takes the main melody. It has a different taste from the performance.

* A string quartet usually refers to the formation of two violins, a viola, and a cello.

"LIVE in the DARK -CLASSIC- Nocturne music by F.Chopin" performance schedule

July: 17th (Sat), 23rd (Wed / holiday), 24th (Sat), 31st (Sat)
August: 7th (Sat), 13th (Fri), 14th (Sat), 21st (Sat), 28th (Sat)

*The screening is only for one performance of “15:55 times” on each schedule.
*Schedules after September 2021 will be announced on the schedule page below.

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