“Halloween Sweets & Bread” will be on sale from October 1st (Thursday)


Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, which delivers a moment of “enjoying Tokyo and relaxing in Tokyo,” will use seasonal ingredients at the “Bakery & Pastry Shop” directly managed by the hotel from Thursday, October 1, 2020, and will look good. We will start selling Halloween sweets and bread that you can enjoy.

“Bakery & Pastry Shop” will sell 3 sweets of “Cake Part de Doose”, “Franboise Balsamic” and “Pottillon” and 2 breads of “Pumpkin Melon Bread” and “Happy Halloween !!” from October. I will do it.

“Cake Part de Doose” where you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of sweet potato sweetness and orange jelly sourness, “Franboise balsamic” which is characterized by Franboise ganash using Italian balsamic vinegar, and Pandepis as an accent As the name suggests, we offer sweets that make you feel elegant even in the Halloween-like atmosphere of “Pottiron”, which is a pumpkin.

In addition, “Pumpkin Melon Bread” with plenty of homemade pumpkin cream using domestic pumpkin paste, and “Happy Halloween !!”, a chopped bread that can be shared and enjoyed by a large number of people, with two colored doughs of pumpkin and purple taro lined up alternately. We have prepared bread that you can enjoy not only in taste but also in appearance.

Please enjoy the cute appearance full of Halloween-like humor and the autumn-like taste using seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin and sweet potatoes at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba "Halloween Sweets & Bread" Overview

Sales location: Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Bakery & Pastry Shop (directly connected to Daiba Station)
Sales time: October 1, 2020 (Thursday) -October 31, 2020 (Saturday)

* For the time being, the business hours will be changed as follows due to measures against the new coronavirus infection.
Takeout 11: 00-19: 00
Eat-in 11: 00-18: 00 (L.O. 17:30)

>About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

◆ Cake Part de Doose Price: ¥ 650 (tax included)
You can enjoy the sourness and texture of the baked orange jelly by placing the crispy meringue dough on the moist sweet potato cake.

◆ Franboise Balsamic Price: ¥ 650 (tax included)
It is a Halloween-like product with a pumpkin financier that looks like a mummy on a cake made by alternately stacking chocolate dough and flamboise ganache with Italian balsamic vinegar.

◆ Potiron Price: ¥ 650 (tax included)
As the name suggests, it is a pumpkin dish made by putting ram raisin cream that goes well with pumpkin mousse and thinly coating it with pumpkin chocolate sauce. The spices of the traditional French confectionery Pandepi are accented.

◆ Pumpkin melon bread Price: ¥ 320 (tax included)
A Halloween-like product that looks and tastes like a pumpkin with a yellow melon skin on top of a dough that wraps homemade pumpkin cream and mascarpone cream using domestic pumpkin paste.

◆ Happy Halloween !! Price: ¥ 480 (tax included)
Bread made by alternating two types of dough into a mold and baking. The yellow one contains pumpkin cream and the purple one contains purple taro cream, and the dough is also kneaded with pumpkin and purple taro paste and powder, respectively. Because it is torn into small pieces, it is easy for children to eat and you can share and enjoy it.



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