Work remotely in Kamakura and have a meal at the town employee cafeteria, a community space for local workers


Kayak Co., Ltd. will open the “Machino employee cafeteria” which is an employee cafeteria operated in-house in the area from August 17, for remote workers in Kamakura. With more than 50 local restaurants opening every week, we will work to revitalize the local community in the era of “choose a place to work” by utilizing the community space where the people who work in Kamakura gather.

Kayak will open its own “town employee cafeteria” for remote workers in Kamakura from August 17 (Monday). The “Machino employee cafeteria” is an employee cafeteria opened to the community for people working in Kamakura city. Over 50 local restaurants open every week, including the Kamakura City Hall and the Kamakura Chamber of Commerce. 25 companies and organizations in the city participate as member companies.

By utilizing the community space where people working in Kamakura gather, people working in Kamakura and people working remotely in Kamakura can interact and create a new co-creation mechanism. We will work on regional revitalization in the “choose” era.

While the work style shifts from working styles that commute to offices in urban areas to working styles at home or in a place of your choice, in Kamakura city, HASTU Kamakura, an entrepreneur support base jointly operated by Kanagawa prefecture and kayaks At the beginning, the number of unique coworking spaces is increasing.

Kamakura is a town where you can access abundant nature surrounded by the sea and mountains and old and new culture in less than 1 hour from the city center. After working a little bit out of the ordinary, walk around the town or join a local community. By working in a different place than usual, you may be able to discover new things and discover the scenery of Kamakura that is different from the one you visit for sightseeing.

With "town employee cafeteria"

I want to create a “town employee cafeteria” where people working in Kamakura gather. With that in mind, this “town employee cafeteria” was created by 25 companies and organizations that have bases in Kamakura working hand in hand, and exclusively for workers in Kamakura. Over 50 stores in Kamakura change weekly and serve healthy and delicious menus for those who work in Kamakura. Working people gather. From the place where we gather, exchanges are born. I want to make such a place. The “Machino employee cafeteria” is a cafeteria for workers who is rooted in the Kamakura area.

11-12 Onaricho, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa (2 minutes walk from JR Kamakura station west)
Daytime: 11:30-14:00
Night: 18:00-21:30 (21:00 last order)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, Obon, year-end and New Year holidays
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How to use "Machino employee cafeteria"

Please let us know that you are doing “Remote Work in Kamakura City” at the “Machino employee cafeteria” store. It can be used at a non-member company price (lunch: 900 yen, dinner: 1000 yen).

Efforts to promote remote work in Kamakura City

In Kamakura City, we launched the “Kamakura Telework Lifestyle Study Group” in 2018 to promote the spread of work lifestyles that are not bound by time or place.
>List of telework facilities in Kamakura city

Kayak Corporation
We provide users with new experiences that combine the latest technology with ideas, starting with game application and advertisement/website production, with the strength of creativity, planning ability, and technical ability to shape, which are not bound by fixed concepts. About 270, or 90% of employees, are creative personnel such as designers and programmers, and we have a unique personnel system and management that utilizes diversity based on the management philosophy of “increasing the number of people who create”.
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