Atami Pudding: ‘Melon Pudding’ for a refreshing start to summer.


Atami Pudding, a popular pudding shop in Atami, has launched a melon pudding and melon-based menu perfect for early summer. As is typical of Atami Pudding, the melon has been made into a retro menu item. Enjoy the refreshing early summer in Atami with Atami Pudding.

melon pudding

A two-layer pudding made with the juice of aromatic and mild Shizuoka melons and melon julée with pulp. This seasonal flavour of Atami pudding is a must-try now that melons are in season.

Price: 450 (incl. tax)
Shops handled: All Atami puddings

Melonprin parfait

Melon pudding topped with melon jelly and milk ice cream.
This parfait has a slightly retro feel with a melon pulp sauce.

Price: 600 (incl. tax)
Shops handled: Atami Pudding Cafe 2nd

melon spring sundae

A sundae with melon pudding, milk ice cream and fruit around it.
Melon-shaped cookies are also cute and retro. You can also enjoy sweet and sour red flesh melon jelly.

Price: 900 yen (incl. tax)
Shops handled: Atami Pudding Restaurant [Eat-in].

melon dish pudding

Melon dish pudding covered in a melon-shaped bladder of fresh cream. The red melon jelly gives it a more melon-like appearance.

Price: 650 (incl. tax)
Shops handled: Atami Pudding Restaurant [Eat-in].

Luxury melon cream soda

The melon cream soda is a luxurious melon soda with ice cream on top and a dollop of fresh melon.

Price: 680 yen (incl. tax)
Shops handled: Atami Pudding Restaurant [Eat-in].

melon milk

Melon milk with red-fleshed melon jelly and a smooth texture. This cute retro drink is topped with a melon-shaped cookie.

Price: 650 (incl. tax)
Shops handled: Atami Pudding Restaurant [eat in/take out].



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