[Bandaiyama Onsen Hotel] Beer garden surrounded by red beer “Akabeko Beer Garden” will be held in 2022


At the resort hotel “Hoshino Resort Bandaisan Onsen Hotel” located at the foot of Bandai, we will hold “Akabeko Beer Garden” with the theme of Aizu’s local toy “Akabeko”. In the magnificent nature at the foot of Bandai, one of Japan’s 100 famous mountains, it is a beer garden that is not photogenic and is surrounded by red beer, from the decoration of the venue to the costumes of the staff and the bowls of snacks.

Bekogenic beer garden

To get familiar with Aizu culture through Akabeko, which has been made as a papier-mache doll in Aizu for 400 years. We hold events with the theme of Akabeko such as “Akabeko Hanami” and “Akabeko Christmas” every season.
In the summer of 2022, “Akabeko Beer Garden” will be held. The feature of this event is that it is not only the setting of the venue, but also beer, snacks, costumes, and so on.

Desktop type "Akabeko Beer Server" that can be enjoyed by groups NEW

In 2022, Akabeko Beer Garden will have a new original “Akabeko Beer Server”. You can enjoy about 1L of beer on the tabletop beer server. Beer is poured by shaking the head of the red beer, which is recommended for group use.
We will prepare several kinds of snacks that are perfect for beer, such as dried tomatoes and nuts. The bowl on which the snacks are placed is also in the shape of a red beer, and the table top is filled with a lot of red beer with the snacks and the beer server.

Becogenic space Power UP

The venue is a cute and becogenic space with red beko everywhere. In 2022, the original Akabeko table and Akabeko umbrella will be newly introduced. The Akabeko table is a whole table in the shape of a red bee, and you can enjoy your meal on your back. Looking up further, you can enjoy red beko no matter where you look, with umbrellas and lanterns with red beko drawn on them. In addition, there are many red beko goods such as red beko uchiwa and Akabeko-shaped mosquito coils.

A bekogenic item that can be used as Akabeko

At our beer garden, both staff and guests dress up as Akabeko and enjoy the party. Guests will receive an original mask that can be transformed into a red beko and a Uchiwa. Uchiwa can be freely designed by guests using the red beetle stamp. You can enjoy the beer garden even more by wearing a matching Akabeko goods that are bekogenic.

Overview of "Akabeko Beer Garden"

Period: July 9th-August 31st, 2022
Time: 16:00 – 20:30
Location: Corderanni Square in Bandaisan Onsen Hotel
Price: Free admission, Akabeko beer server 2,000 yen (1L), alcoholic drinks from 750 yen, soft drinks from 200 yen, snacks from 500 yen
Reservation: unnecessary

*The menu is subject to change depending on the purchasing situation.
*All prices include tax and service charge.

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