“Washi mask” that is comfortable to touch and does not get stuffy


Takebe Textile Co., Ltd. has started accepting reservations for the three-layer structure “Modern Washi Woven Mask” using a uniquely developed “Washi Woven” at the online shop “TAKEORI” from August 12th. To do.

One of the fabrics originally developed by Takebe Textile Co., Ltd. is the “Japanese paper fabric”, which is a composite of Japanese paper and polyester.

The characteristic of Japanese paper is that it does not get damp easily. With the new coronavirus, the constant wearing of a mask has become the basis of our daily lives, and I think everyone is worried about the “swelling” of the mouth when wearing a mask. We came up with the idea that it would be useful for many people by using a Japanese paper fabric that is hard to get damp and breathless as a mask.

Three features of "modern Japanese paper weave mask"

1. Soft and comfortable to the touch
The surface (outer side) fabric is made from Washi paper 30% Washi paper (70% polyester). You can enjoy a high quality, crepe style design. The back side (inner side) of the fabric that touches the skin has a soft, comfortable feel by increasing the proportion of Japanese paper to 70%.

2. Has antibacterial and deodorant effects
A material with antibacterial and deodorant effect is used for the middle layer of the outer and inner two Japanese paper fabrics. You may get a thick impression because the total number of fabrics is as many as three, but the Japanese paper material is comfortable to use because it is hard to breathe and stuffy.

3. Can be washed and used repeatedly
It has excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties, and can be repeatedly used after washing (recommended for hand scrubbing). In addition, unlike other similar knitted paper masks that are widely distributed in the market, such as “knit” and “nonwoven” materials, the modern Japanese paper weave mask is a “woven fabric”, so it is strong and hard to get pills, You can use it for a long time.

Name: Modern Japanese paper weave mask
Number of sheets: Limited to 1,500 (all colors combined)
Reservation start date: Wednesday, August 12, 2020, noon (12:00~) *Products will be shipped on September 1st
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included) *Up to 5 per person per color
Shipping: 300 yen (Free shipping on purchases of 2 or more)
Product type: We have prepared a total of 13 colors, 2 types of “classic” with a high quality deep color that makes you feel the tradition of Japanese and “pastel” recommended for women and children with soft and light shades. ..

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Classic (8 colors)
Color: 1. White
2. Black (black)
3. Gray (ash)
4. Brown
5. Red (red)
6. Navy (navy blue)
7. Purple (purple)
8. Orange (orange)
Size: M size (standard) length 130mm x width 210mm
L size (larger) 135 mm length × 240 mm width

Classic (8 colors)

■Pastel (5 colors)
Color: 1. Blue (light blue)
2. Green
3. Yellow (yellow)
4. Purple (purple)
5. Pink (pink)
Size: S size (for children) Vertical 125 mm × Horizontal 180 mm
M size (standard) length 130 mm × width 210 mm

Pastel (5 colors)



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