[Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store] Held the “42nd Japanese Craftsman Exhibition”, a collection of traditional crafts


Although it is a traditional craft that is highly regarded for its technical and functional aspects, it is actually attracting attention from the perspective of sustainability. It is said that traditional crafts made from natural materials generally use less energy to commercialize than industrial products. At the end, many of them return to the soil, so the environmental load is small.
We will introduce a variety of fashion accessories, tableware, furniture, interior goods, etc.

The power of natural materials that absorb CO2 "Rush" sleeping and flowering

It is said that “rush field” per roll (1,000 m2) adsorbs about 1.6 tons of CO2 in one year, which is equivalent to about 16% of the amount of CO2 emitted by one Japanese person in one year. increase.
In the rush field managed by “IGUSA LABO” in-house, fertilizers and pesticides that are close to the food regulations are used from the viewpoint of environmental consideration.

The second half of May, when the summer season is finally here. Cool and comfortable with the power of natural materials.

First term “Tsuru Kobo Takayama”
Mountain grape basket Rhombus Ajiro (ship type)
275,000 yen including tax

Previous term “Collar cap factory” * Until 5/30
Fine linen blade capelin
27,500 yen including tax

First term “Nabeshima Tadashi Kobo”
Momen no Hana Nabeshima Ryodori (cover)
Crab, peony mix, etc. 264,000 yen including tax

"Shinori" hats that are currently woven only in three villages

A linden cloth made from the bark of a linden tree. The process of making cloth, which begins with peeling the bark of the tree, is all done by hand and takes about a year to finish.
It used to be woven all over Japan, but it has disappeared from all over Japan due to the extremely laborious work. It is now woven only in the three villages (Sekigawa, Thunder, and Yamakumata) on the prefectural border between Yamagata and Niigata.

Previous term “Sinaori Creation Ishida” Shinaori
From the left
Men’s hat *Orders accepted, delivery time approx. 1 month
Women’s hat *Orders for actual products and others are accepted, delivery time is about 1 month
88,000 yen including tax

42nd Japanese Craftsman Exhibition

Period: May 25th (Wed) to 31st (Tue) / Late June 1st (Wed) to 6th (Mon)
Location: Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store Main Building 7th Floor Large Event Hall
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
*Closed at 17:00 on May 31 (Tue)



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