ON THE UMAMI’s Dashi Pack Wins Gold Award for Japanese “Good Things” Selected by Foreigners


88 awards for the 2nd term of 2020 (of which the gold award is sent to products that are selected by foreign experts living in Japan and are recognized as “full of the charm of” unique to Japan “that wants to disseminate excellent Japanese products to the world” ON THE UMAMI’s Dashi Pack won the gold medal from 23 subjects, 6 subjects in all 4 special prizes).

* Omotenashi Selection is an award established with the aim of discovering products and services that are full of excellent “hospitality” in Japan and spreading them around the world.


ON THE UMAMI’s Dashi Pack offers soup stock that brings out the umami of various ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, and tomatoes from the standard bonito and kelp.

In order to pass on the deliciousness of soup stock to the next generation, we propose a lifestyle that allows you to easily and easily try it. Among them, the soup stock for baby food is very popular. Many moms commented that “the baby ate it quickly”, “easy and easy to use”, and “it was also appreciated as a gift”.

Evaluation of foreigners selected

Among the ON THE UMAMI soup stocks, the vegetable and tomato soup stock is the first soup stock in Japan to be vegan certified, and it is a soup stock that does not use seafood or other animal-derived ingredients and is familiar to Japanese food. We also offer it to domestic and foreign consumers who have a wide range of tastes and lifestyles.
(Acquired vegan certification operated by Veggie Project Japan, a specified non-profit organization).

■ Comments from foreign selection members
Canada / Male
It takes very traditional Japanese food to new heights for modern markets and consumers. I think this reflects Japan’s unique way of solving modern problems by combining old and new in a traditional way.

China / Male
There is soup stock for honey, and the low-salt type is good for people who care about their health and elderly people, so it is a product that you can feel the care for the user.

India / Women
I like Japanese food a lot, but it takes an overwhelming amount of time to make it at home because I don’t know the materials and how to make it, so I can only see it when I’m outside. With this soup stock, I think it would be nice to be able to easily incorporate the taste of Japan.

Sweden / Women
People all over the world know “umami”, but many do not know how to reproduce that taste. In that respect, I think this soup stock set is a very good product because it can easily reproduce the taste.

France / Male
It looks good for home use and gifts. It’s wonderful that you can enjoy the umami as well.

How to take / use the dashi stock of the dashi pack
Put the dashi pack in a pot of water, shake the dashi pack with chopsticks about 5 times, boil on medium heat for 5 minutes, and remove the dashi pack.
Depending on the dish, the contents of the dashi pack can be used as it is.

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