“Neko Neko Bread – Macha tabby” with matcha flavor and white chocolate and caramel flavor is now available


The May product of “Neko Neko Bread”, which sells seasonal bread on a monthly basis, is a flavor in collaboration with the Uji tea specialty store “Gion Tsujiri” in Kyoto.
Using two types of dough, one is kneaded with matcha and white chocolate from “Gion Tsujiri” and the other is caramel-flavored.
“Matcha, Macha … tabby!” and we expressed the “red tabby pattern” in association with.

●Neko Neko Bread – Macha tabby
・Price (store): 1 piece / 880 yen (tax included)

* Sold at Nekoneko Bread / Nekoneko Factory Store and the official online store “All Hearts Mall”.
* Prices are different at some stores and All Hearts Mall.
* Not sold separately at All Hearts Mall.
* Not available at Gion Tsujiri.
* All images are for reference only.

Uji tea specialty store "Gion Tsujiri" in Kyoto

Delivering the best Uji tea from Gion, Kyoto.
The history of Gion Tsujiri is 1860 (the first year of Man’en). Currently, we are delivering the “joy” of tea to many people at 6 stores and online shops nationwide, including Kyoto / Gion and Tokyo Skytree.

Neko Neko Bread

It is a cat-shaped high-class bread specialty store that uses 100% milk without using any water. Since opening in 2019, the high-end bread boom has become a hot topic on SNS and media.
In pursuit of deliciousness as well as appearance, the only water content is milk. We are particular about domestic wheat, and we used honey, cream, butter, and mascarpone cheese as a secret ingredient. It is a delicious authentic bread that is slightly sweet when you eat a bite and the taste of milk spreads slowly.

You can enjoy the milky taste even if you eat it as it is.
Neko Neko bread, which is full of smiles, you can draw a face with a chocolate pen, decorate it, and make only one cat bread in the world depending on the arrangement. Please try to make your own cat.

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