New pouch reproducing Aomori’s popular red ‘goldfish neputa’.


From Felissimo’s humour brand YOU+MORE! comes a bag featuring Aomori’s traditional craft, the goldfish Neputa. The designs are drawn by traditional craftsmen.

It is recommended for daily outings and everyday use to enjoy the festive atmosphere, as well as accompanying the yukata in the coming season as a hand bag, as it comes with a strap. It can also be attached to a bag so you can enjoy the traditional design anytime, anywhere.

Always in a festive mood Goldfish Neputa Pouch made with traditional craftsmen from Aomori Outline.

Size: D 12cm / W 16cm / H 約19cm
Price: 2,970 yen (incl. tax)

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[KAI Unzen] “Unzen Hitori Onsen Sankaku Plan”, a plan to fully enjoy Nagasaki’s culture and hot springs, is now on sale.

From 3 July 2024, Kai Unzen will offer the ‘Unzen Hitori Onsen Sansatsu Plan’. The interior design of Kai Unzen incorporates the Nagasaki culture, a mixture of Japanese, Chinese and Dutch elements that has developed as a result of the exchange of various people and cultures. Unzen Onsen, where Kai Unzen is located, has unique and historic public bathhouses and is a recommended area for visiting hot springs and experiencing traditional crafts. We offer you the freedom to spend your time on your own.



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