[The Strings Hotel Yagoto NAGOYA] “TAKUMI French Course-Gift from Ishikawa Prefecture-” Limited time sale


The Strings Hotel Yagoto NAGOYA offers a limited-time French course. The hotel’s proud course is very popular for its colorful and delicate dishes that look like paintings.
“I would like you to be surprised at the innovative combination of ingredients and sauces that is beyond your imagination while making the most of the taste of the ingredients.”
That’s the hotel’s chef’s feelings are expressed using seasonal ingredients from Ishikawa, which is said to be a “treasure of ingredients”.

Ishikawa taro and prosciutto ham roulo truffle soy sauce espuma and shiitake mushroom consomme
A bite-sized amuse with gold leaf from Kanazawa. An exquisite dish of taro from Ishikawa prefecture, with the salty taste of prosciutto and truffle soy sauce.

Mi Kui of yellowtail colder than the Sea of Japan Degrineson of winter turnips from Aichi prefecture
Appetizer using seasonal cold yellowtail from Ishikawa prefecture. Serve with low-temperature cooked yellowtail and winter turnips from Aichi prefecture with a crispy texture.

Foie gras poire Hekinan carrot velouté honey and ginger essence orange accent
A warm appetizer with luxurious foie gras. Add an accent to the taste by combining the rich foie gras with the spicy powdered meringue.

Flatfish Meuniere Tasmanian mustard and Seri’s Ravigote
-With garniture of Kaga lotus root from Ishikawa-

The outside is crispy and the inside is a fish dish that combines plump flatfish meuniere with sour Tasmanian mustard and auction ravigote sauce. A chef-focused dish that maximizes the flavor of the ingredients.

Roast duck croquembouche with figs and nuts
-Red Peats and Red Andive, Peppercorn Sauce Poiblade-

A meat dish of moist roast duck topped with savory nuts and sweet fig croquembouche. By daring to use the spicy sauce of black pepper, the taste will be deepened.

“Terrine chocolate” using Kaga tea with “Red cheeks” from Aichi prefecture
Using Kaga tea and chocolate, this is an excellent sweet for adults with a modest sweetness that is ideal for ending the course meal. Excellent compatibility with sweet and sour Aichi red cheeks.

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Period: January 11th (Tuesday) -February 28th (Monday), 2022
*Regular holiday: Wednesday
Location: Hotel 1st floor “TAKUMI Italian”
Time: Lunch 11: 30-15: 00 (L.O.14: 00) / Dinner 17: 00-22: 00 (L.O.20: 30)
Regular holiday: Wednesday
TEL: 052-861-7874

>TAKUMI French Course-Gifts from Ishikawa Prefecture-Click here for details



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