Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto: A Special Night of Cocktails and Sweets Pairings


On November 3, 2022, a one-day-only event, “Enjoy with Silent Pool [Autumn in Kyoto] -Sweets Pairing” will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, where you can enjoy a collaboration of three original cocktails created by Kyoka Ogawa, ambassador of the premium British gin “Silent Pool Gin” and sweets by Reiko Yokota, the hotel’s pastry chef.

Silent Pool Gin is a London dry gin made with a base spirit derived from wheat, 24 botanicals including lavender and elderflower, and water from Silent Pool Lake, which is filtered through a lime layer and filled with clear blue spring water.

This time, Kyoka Ogawa, bartender at Nishi-Azabu Bar Amber and ambassador of the Silent Pool Gin brand, and Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto collaborated to create the Silent Pool Gin [Autumn in Kyoto] Cocktail Collection, three original cocktails inspired by Kyoto in the autumn. The Silent Pool Gin [Autumn in Kyoto] Cocktail Collection was born.

[Cocktail] Akibae
This cocktail expresses the sky of Kyoto in autumn, tinted red by the setting sun. When cotton candy resembling clouds is slowly melted in the glass, autumn leaves float in the cocktail. The refreshing apple, red shiso, and cassis liqueur flavors make this cocktail beautiful to look at and to taste.

[Sweets] Cacao and berry mizu-yokan
This izu-yokan is made with rich cacao, perfect for autumn flavors such as blackcurrant and apple. Topped with chocolate cream made with Valrhona chocolate and fresh berries, it is a gorgeous looking and tasting item.

[Cocktail] My sister’s hairpin
This is an arranged martini cocktail based on the motif of a geiko (a Japanese geiko) glamorously walking through the streets of Kyoto. Aromatic black tea and sweet honey flavor with a Japanese sandalwood aroma. Please savor it while admiring the chrysanthemum blossoms swaying in the kanzashi (hairpin).

[Sweets] Ginger and Verveine Nerikiri
It is a smooth kneaded cake with ginger and vervain gelée, giving it a fresh and mature flavor. The shape is reminiscent of a geiko, and is made to look like a cute handball, slightly tinted with red and orange.

[Cocktail] Green Fall
This drink is inspired by the rich natural aroma of a stroll through Sekisui-en Garden in autumn. The glass is filled with autumnal flavors such as kinmokusai and figs, and the matcha tea mimics the greenery of the garden, while the yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) adds a Japanese flavor that is uniquely Kyoto.

[Sweets] Kurikinton wrapped in wasanbon meringue
Chestnut Kinton, an autumnal Japanese confectionery, is arranged in the style of French sweets. The white chocolate coated wasanbon meringue is wrapped in chestnut kinton, resulting in a light and crispy texture.

Enjoy with Silent Pool [Autumn in Kyoto] ~Sweets Pairing~

Period: November 3, 2022(Thursday, Holiday)
Time: Part 1 15:00 – 16:15 / Part 2 16:30 – 17:45 / Part 3 18:00 – 19:15 / Part 4 19:30 – 20:45 / Part 5 21:00 – 22:15
*Five-part system, changeover. Advance reservations are recommended as seating is limited. Reservations can be made by calling 075-541-8288 (hotel representative).
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, 3rd floor “The Lounge & Bar”
Charge: Silent Pool Gin [Autumn in Kyoto] Cocktail Collection: 3 cocktails and 3 paired sweets 10,000 yen per person
*Price includes 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax.



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