[RISONARE Tomamu] Savor the flavors of Hokkaido Offer a summer-only dinner course


From June 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023, a summer-only dinner course will be served at the main dining room “OTTO SETTE TOMAMU.”

Introducing the summer-only dinner course

Small appetizer “Salmon roe and botan shrimp corno (*1)”

For the small appetizers that add color to the beginning of the dinner course, we have prepared two types of corno, using salmon roe and salmon, botan shrimp and tuna.

*1 Means horn in Italian. A dish made by rolling dough into a cone and filling it with cream.

Cold appetizer “Crab wrapped in foam and refreshing scent of finocchio”

Crabs in season are characterized by their meat being tightly packed. Soft, loosened crab meat and sweet crab miso are served on the shell.

Hot Appetizer “Asparagus Gratinato”

Asparagus, which is in season in summer, is combined with whelk and grilled with herb butter.

Pasta “Sea urchin and tomato tajarin”

A sauce made with carefully selected hand-made pasta from Emonte and sweet fruit tomatoes. Please enjoy the smooth texture of the sea urchin.

Fish dish “Vapore of fresh fish hidden in fragrant herbs (*2)”

Steamed and plump, fatty seasonal white fish is served with basil and tomato risoni (*3).

*2 Means steamed food in Italian.
*3 A type of rice-shaped pasta.

Main dish: grilled lamb wrapped in straw

A dish of tender, odorless lamb that is roasted and wrapped in straw.

Primo Dolce “Tomamu Milk Gelato”

Strawberry sauce, dried fruits, amaretto, coffee liqueur, etc. are prepared with gelato that makes the most of the strong sweetness and refreshing aftertaste of summer Tomamu milk.

Dolce “Melon Zuppa Inglese”

A dolce that combines a light custard mousse, sweet wine jelly, and seasonal melon on top of a sponge soaked in liqueur or syrup.

"OTTO SETTE TOMAMU" summer only dinner course

Duration: June 1 to August 31, 2023
Price: All 8 items ¥15,730
Note: Some dishes may change depending on the purchase situation.



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