High-quality speaker “Welle Mellow 501T” that blends into the room


Side table “360° Bluetooth table type speaker Mellow W501T” equipped with a speaker function. The legs of beach wood are matched to the top plate of ash wood with a natural texture. It is well-balanced with the fabric of the speaker part and blends naturally into any space like interior furniture.

360° sound that resonates dynamically in space

Four built-in speakers deliver sound in all directions. You can enjoy the sound that echoes throughout the room.

Each of the four built-in speakers consists of a tweeter, a midrange unit, and a passive radiator, achieving a rich sound from high to low.
It is a powerful and high-quality speaker that can output up to 88W of sound through a DSP for high-quality digital sound processing, an enclosure that minimizes interference between speaker units, and a D-class amplifier.

You can easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the sound. Audio equipment can also be connected with compatible cables.
It has a built-in 13,000mAh large-capacity battery and can play speakers for up to 12 hours from a fully charged state.

Equipped with a wireless charging function in the center of the table. You can easily charge your smartphone or device that supports wireless charging simply by placing it on the table without the need for a cable connection.
Equipped with two USB charging ports, you can charge two smartphones and tablets at the same time.

360° Bluetooth table type speaker Mellow W501T

Selling price: 44,800 yen including tax
Maximum output: 88W
RMS output: 30W
Frequency characteristics: 100Hz-18KHz
Amplifier IC: Tas5711 (TI) DSP
Bluetooth: Version4.2
Wireless charging output: 5W
Wired charging output: 2 ports 10/5W

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