“ATELIER MATCHA” summer new menu is now available


A new summer drink menu has appeared from “ATELIER MATCHA”, which is sending a new matcha experience to Japan where you can casually enjoy the original taste and aroma of MATCHA. We also offer “Gion Bologna’s Matcha An Butter Toast”, which uses matcha Danish pastry from Kyoto’s popular bakery “Gion Bologna”, for 10 meals a day.

MATCHA Strawberry smooth
Product name: “MATCHA Strawberry Smooth”
Release date: Friday, May 13, 2022
Price: 850 yen (tax included)

A dish where you can enjoy the melting harmony of sweet and sour strawberry puree and matcha, smooth cream that melts in your mouth, and dalgona cream. A new collaboration between rich matcha and sweet and sour strawberries.

A special strawberry puree is spread on the bottom of the glass, and a slightly sweet milkshake is layered on top of it, topped with two types of cream, homemade rich, milky and smooth matcha cream and matcha dargona cream. At the end, add a rich dark tea sauce to your liking.

MATCHA lychee water
Product name: “MATCHA Litchi Water”
Release date: Friday, May 13, 2022
Price: M size 650 yen (tax included) / L size 750 yen (tax included)

Introducing a new type of MATCHA water that you can enjoy a refreshing and fruity taste that is perfect for the summer mood. Put lychee syrup in a glass, pour MATCHA water over it, and finish it with lime and orange for a rich aroma.
The harmony of refreshing lychee syrup and bittersweet matcha is a perfect dish for summer. The refreshing acidity of lime and orange also enhances the deliciousness of matcha and lychee. Please enjoy the colorful shades of summer.

"Gion Bologna Matcha An Butter Toast" released for 10 meals a day only

Featured "Gion Bologna Matcha An Butter Toast"
Product name: “Gion Bologna Matcha An Butter Toast”
Release date: Sold for 10 meals a day from May 1, 2022 (Sun)
Price: 650 yen (tax included)

Introducing the flavorful “An butter toast” using matcha Danish pastry from Kyoto’s popular bakery “Gion Bologna”.

Danish pastry bread with plenty of butter and matcha is toasted, and hotly topped with Ogura bean paste and fresh butter from Mochizuki brewery, which is very popular with MATCHA straw bean paste. The double butter of melted butter and Danish butter gently wraps the bean paste, and finally the fluffy matcha flavor is scented.
An butter toast that gives you a nice Kyoto atmosphere. Serve with salted kelp if you like.


Location: 1-5-8 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
(30 seconds walk from Ningyocho station / 5 minutes walk from Suitengumae station)
Business Hours: 10:00-18:00 (L.O.17:45) / Closed on Tuesdays
TEL: 03-3667-7277

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Various initiatives of ATELIER MATCHA

In January of this year, Fujitsu held an interactive tea ceremony experience “CYBER CHAKAI” in collaboration with Fujitsu Limited’s “Izumina Team” and Dentsu’s creative team to propose “a new way to enjoy tea ceremony in the DX era.” Held at the commemorative library. For the first time in popularity that the participation ticket is sold out in 5 days, it is an innovative tea ceremony event that makes you feel the high interest and expectation for traditional culture × DX.



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