Enjoy skiing in the “Skiers Suite Room” [Risonare Tomamu]


The “Skiers Suite Room” in front of the slopes, which combines the functions and design of Hokkaido’s largest stay-type snow resort “Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu,” will be born on January 10, 2022.

Installed a boot heater that dries immediately after gliding, and secures space for placing boards and small items

A boot heater has been installed so that the ski boots can be dried immediately after skiing. You can dry it firmly without worrying about the congestion in the drying room. There is also a space near the entrance where you can put boards and hang clothes, gloves, helmets, etc.

High-rise guest rooms overlooking the slopes

The Skiers Suite Room is a 100m2 room located on the 27th floor, on the upper floors. Since you can see the slopes, you can see the situation of the day immediately after waking up in the morning. Even in mountainous weather where the weather is volatile, it is possible to watch the slopes from the guest rooms and go skiing immediately when the weather suddenly improves. Also, if you turn on the TV installed in the guest room, you can check the temperature, wind speed, snowfall, and lift operation status of the day on the “Tomam Concierge”.

Remake items related to skis into furniture and objects

There are furniture and objects related to skiing. A “single lift chair” was installed near the window overlooking the slopes. The single lift that was actually used at Tomamu Ski Resort was remade into a chair. When you sit in this chair, the slope spreads out in front of you, so you will feel like you are on a lift while you are in the guest room, and you will feel excited to slip immediately. I also decorated wooden skis and poles as objects.

"Skiers entrance" where the hotel and the slopes are directly connected

RISONARE Tomamu has a skiers entrance that is directly connected to the hotel and the slopes. Get ready to glide in your room, get off the elevator and you’re ready to go.

Wax service at outdoor pro shop

Guests in our room will receive ski wax service. After slipping in the evening, professional staff will carefully wax at the outdoor pro shop “Full Marks Tomamu” on Firefly Street. You can talk to the staff about skiing, shop, and have a good time while you wax.

After skiing, spend some time in the guest room's whirlpool bath and sauna.

Spacious 100 sqm, this spacious room features a whirlpool with a view and a private sauna. On the observation jet bath, relax in the hot water while gazing at the slopes. Entering the sauna will warm your body even more.

Overview of "Skiers Suite Room"

Start of use: January 10, 2022
Price: From 50,800 yen per night (tax and service charge included per person when using 1 room for 2 people)
* When using one room for 4 people, from 26,900 yen per night (tax and service charge included)
Capacity: 4 people (limited to 1 group per day)
Number of rooms: 1 room
Area: 100 square meters

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Full of facilities and activities to enjoy skiing

In addition to ski resorts, there are plenty of facilities and activities where you can enjoy skiing. Located in the middle of the slope is Firefly Street, a ski-in ski-out village. You can ski to the front of the store, so you can enjoy eating and shopping while skiing. In addition, there are plenty of activities such as “Morning Glory” where you can enjoy the first reserved slope in the morning and “Snow Kids 70” ski lessons for children.

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