~Welcome to Spring Seagaia~Resort trip like a princess!


Spring when a new life begins. Many people are thinking of rewarding themselves who have worked hard for one year. Rewards to myself will make me feel like I’ll do my best again. Despite the various rewards, travel is refreshed and motivated, so it is said that the effects are most likely to last.
So, this time, we introduce how to spend time at Seagaia in spring, such as a sweets buffet and a walk in the garden colored with spring flowers, where you can refresh yourself with an extraordinary experience as if you were a princess. Please enjoy the elegant time unleashed from everyday life in a photogenic resort space.

Spring only! All-you-can-eat sweets buffet of 50 kinds!

Sheraton Sweets Buffet「Very Very Berry」

All-you-can-eat 50 kinds of gorgeous sweets that feel the spring of Sheraton Patissier! We offer 50 kinds of colorful berry sweets such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc., changing the menu every month, and offering a total of about 100 kinds during the period. All you can drink soft drinks!

Period: March 1-April 30※ Excluded date: 3/22, 4/25 for group charter
Time: 14: 00-15: 30
Venue: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 1F @ Garden Buffet “Pine Terrace”
Price: Adult 2,500 yen, 4-12 years old 1,250 yen

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* Seagaia Premium Members Club members are 2,300 yen for adults, 1,150 yen for 4-12 years old
* For lunch users at restaurants in the Sheraton only on the day, adults 1,000 yen, 4-12 years old 625 yen

How to enjoy a spring reward trip

A princess-like tea time at the waterside! FLOWER LIVING ~ The spring garden party

The garden area “THE LIVING GARDEN” adjacent to the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort will be transformed into a gorgeous and photogenic space where you can enjoy a “spring garden party”.
Bring a picnic basket that you can take out, and enjoy a princess-like tea time at your favorite place, such as a waterside sofa or a private gazebo.

Period: February 21 (Fri)-May 24 (Sun)
Price: For Sheraton guests only (no charge for admission)

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Picnic basket

In addition to side dishes such as sandwiches, colorful salads and chicken, fruits and coffee are packed in baskets. How about a picnic at the poolside of THE LIVING GARDEN in a pleasant breeze?

Price: ¥ 2,300 per person
Time: 10: 00-20: 00 (LO) * You will receive an order for one hour before being offered.
Sales: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 2F “Wind Waiting Terrace”

Monopolize the ocean view!

At the Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort, facing the sea, you can enjoy the ocean view in any room.

Location: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort Club Floor 39/41 Floor 109
Capacity: 2 people

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Healed by a celebrity who loves the world

Banyan Tree Spa, where you can experience real luxury, is a pioneer of Asian spa brands born in Phuket, Thailand. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature with calm music, soft light shining through large windows, and aromas of original oil.

Location: Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort 39F
Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00 * Complete reservation system

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Enjoy a spring evening with a gorgeous limited cocktail

Please enjoy adult resort time with gorgeous cocktail made with cherry liqueur and gin.
A rose attached to one wheel enhances the mood of the princess.

Period: March 1-April 30
Price: Berry Rose Bouquet 1,300 yen / Sakura Tonic 1,600 yen

Just like what you like! Enjoy the taste of Miyazaki spring

Please enjoy delicious food to your heart’s content while blooming flowers such as steamed red sea bream and kumquat with white wine, spring cabbage and cherry shrimp ぺ peroncino, vegetable garden of Asuka village, tempura of spring vegetables.

Period: March 1-April 30
Time: 17: 30-22: 00 (21:30 LO)
Price: Adult 4,500 yen, 4-12 years old 2,250 yen
* Dinner buffet after April is ¥ 4,600 for adults and ¥ 2,300 for 4-12 years old.

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