High quality old folk house hotel brand “Setouchi Cominca Stays”


“Setouchi Cominca Stays”, a brand of high-quality old folk house regeneration hotel by Setouchi Brand Corporation, which constitutes Setouchi DMO (* 1), will be held at the 6th Japan Tourism Awards 2020. We would like to inform you that we have won a prize.

The Japan Tourism Awards recognizes tourism initiatives that contribute to the development and expansion of tourism and the sustainable development of society, and will be held for the sixth time this year.

“Setouchi Cominca Stays, a world-class regional experience travel brand created by a wide-area DMO,” won a prize in [Domestic / Visit Japan] out of a total of 178 applications. The Setouchi Cominca Stays Tourism Award will be the second award following the 2019 COOL JAPAN AWARD (sponsored by the Cool Japan Council) in the general category.

“Setouchi Cominca Stays” is an initiative to utilize tourism resources for the seven prefectures of Setouchi (Hyogo prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, and Ehime prefecture). It is an inn brand that utilizes historical buildings implemented by the “Setouchi Komachi Plan”, and currently has two buildings in Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture, and three buildings in Shobara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. We are planning to expand to an area that conveys the charm of Setouchi.

> Setouchi Cominca Stays

The 6th "Japan Tourism Awards"

(From the organizer’s homepage)
This award contributes to the development and expansion of tourism, contributes to the synergistic effect with “Tourism EXPO Japan”, or recognizes the sustainable and excellent efforts of domestic and overseas organizations, organizations and companies. By making the award-winning efforts widely known to society, we aim to promote understanding of tourism and at the same time contribute to the further development of tourism as a model.
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Setouchi Cominca Stays Uchiko Overview

Facility name: Setouchi Cominca Stays “Ori” and “Hisa” 2 buildings in total
● Activities: Realized in collaboration with Uchiko Town, Project AY, and Iyo Bank under the “Setouchi Komachi Plan (* 2)”, a tourism utilization project for historical townscapes and traditional buildings promoted by Setouchi Brand Corporation. .. Setouchi Brand Corporation is the first Setouchi DMO to provide total support from the financial aspect to marketing, responsible for raising funds from the Setouchi Tourism Revitalization Fund, Iyo Bank, etc., and formulating and executing business plans and marketing strategies. This is an example.

Historical streets of Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture
Setouchi Cominca Stays "Woven"
Setouchi Cominca Stays "Hisashi"

Setouchi Cominca Stays Hiroshima Overview

Project name: Setouchi Cominca Stays Hiroshima “Chojaya” “Furusen” “Kozakomori” 3 buildings in total
Activities: A high-quality vacation rental (one-building rental) type inn realized through efforts with local volunteers including Shobara City based on the regional revitalization project “Setouchi Komachi Plan (* 2)” of Setouchi Brand Corporation. It becomes. In the middle of the Chugoku Mountains, surrounded by nostalgic satoyama, “Hidden Village in Hiroshima” Shobara City is dotted with 100-250 year old folk houses, but the renovation of the three buildings that are built in a particularly wonderful landscape is ” These are Chojaya, Furusen, and Kozakomori.

Beautiful satoyama landscape of Shobara
Setouchi Cominca Stays "Choja-ya"
Setouchi Cominca Stays "Furusen"
Setouchi Cominca Stays "Kozako Forest"

* 1 Setouchi DMO
It consists of Setouchi DMO, a general incorporated association in which the public and private sectors participate, and Setouchi Brand Corporation, in which financial institutions and private companies inside and outside the region participate. DMO is an abbreviation for Destination Marketing / Management Organization. While creating tourism demand and strengthening the supply system of products and services, we are promoting the creation of sustainable tourism areas together with various stakeholders.

* 2 Setouchi Old Town Plan … The Setouchi Old Town Plan uses historical resources for seven prefectures in Setouchi (Hyogo prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture). Efforts to utilize local idle tourism resources. Setouchi Brand Corporation plays a central role in promoting regional revitalization by launching tourism projects that utilize various tourism resources in the region, including historical resources, in collaboration with local governments and local businesses.



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