[Hoshinoya Tokyo] Enjoy private cherry-blossom viewing in the hall “Stay in Tokyo / Okomori Hanami”


Hoshinoya Tokyo, a Japanese inn that has evolved in line with the present age, will start selling “Tokyo Okomori Hanami Stay” from March 1, 2021, where you can enjoy private cherry blossom viewing. In this plan, cherry blossoms will be displayed in the Ochanoma lounge located in the center of the guest room floor so that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while you are in the hall.
We will prepare cherry blossoms selected from all over Japan according to the flowering situation.
In addition, in the Ochanoma Lounge, Sakuramochi, which has been popular as a cherry blossom viewing place since the Edo period, is prepared as a welcoming tea confectionery, and you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing while tasting sake that makes you feel the arrival of spring and sweets related to cherry blossoms. You can enjoy. For dinner, you can enjoy the freshly made eel that arrives directly from the long-established eel restaurant in Nihonbashi while watching the cherry blossoms in your room.

In the Edo period, it is said that many people, including daimyo, samurai, merchants, and ordinary people, all enjoyed cherry blossom viewing when they heard that “cherry blossoms had bloomed.” (* 1) Even now, many people gather to see the cherry blossoms in the spring. Therefore, in Hoshinoya Tokyo, due to the influence of corona, outdoor cherry blossom viewing where many people gather tends to be avoided, so I want you to enjoy cherry blossom viewing once a year with peace of mind while avoiding the three crowds. , We have developed this plan.
* 1 Yoshitaka Kimura, “Edo Calendar Edo Living,” 2013

Features of "Tokyo / Okomori Hanami Stay"

1. Enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the hall

On each floor of Hoshinoya Tokyo, there is a shared space exclusively for guests, the Ochanoma Lounge, and 6 guest rooms. In this plan, Yoshino cherry tree, which is characterized by the pale cherry blossoms that spread in the Ochanoma lounge during the Edo period, and Kawazu, which is bright and dark, so that you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at any time in the hall regardless of the weather and the flowering situation of the cherry blossoms. You can set up fresh flowers such as cherry blossoms that are close to full bloom. You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing with peace of mind while avoiding three crowds in a spacious space. You can also take a small cherry blossom bowl prepared in the living room lounge back to your room and enjoy a private cherry blossom viewing.

2. Sake and meals associated with cherry blossom viewing in the Edo period

In the Edo period, it was common practice to bring a lunch box when viewing cherry blossoms, and it is said that each person brought their favorite meal and enjoyed cherry blossom viewing. (* 2) In this plan, in the guest rooms, which are private spaces that are not crowded, with the cooperation of the long-established eel store “Nihonbashi Izumoya”, we will prepare a cherry-blossom viewing lunch that will be delivered from the store for dinner.

In addition, the sake is “Iinuma Honke Koshi Haru Sake Kanbashi”, which has a slightly foaming and fresh taste so that you can enjoy it while watching the cherry blossoms. When you pour sake, you can enjoy it in a sake set where the cherry blossoms in full bloom appear on the bottom of the sake cup. In addition, in the Ochanoma lounge, you can enjoy seasonal tea confectionery related to cherry blossoms, such as Sakuramochi from “Iidabashi Mannendo” and Kintsuba with cherry blossom petals from “Eitaro Sohonpo”. I will prepare it.
* 2 “Edo to be read in the lunar calendar” by Takashi Ninomiya, 2013

3. A souvenir of “Hoshinoya Tokyo Original Tenugui” dyed in cherry blossoms

For users of this plan only, we will prepare a hand towel of Hoshinoya Tokyo original design with the motif of “Hoshinoya Square” in front of the entrance of Hoshinoya Tokyo or “Hemp leaf waste” on the outside as a souvenir.

The hand towel is finished by a skilled craftsman of the long-established store “Rizono Dyeing Todaya Shoten”, which was founded in 1872, using a traditional craft called “injection dyeing” that allows the dye to penetrate into the core of the fiber. You can take home the memories of your stay as a souvenir with the cherry-colored hand towel that you can feel the beauty of the color and the good texture unique to hand dyeing.

Stay schedule example

15:00 Check-in Enjoy Sakuramochi and tea
16:00 Enjoy seasonal sweets using cherry blossoms in the living room lounge
18:30 Enjoy the unaju and liver sucking of “Nihonbashi Izumoya” in the guest room
20:00 Bring a small bowl of cherry blossoms back to your room and enjoy the cherry blossoms at night while drinking cherry blossom viewing sake.

Outline of "Stay in Tokyo / Okomori Hanami"

Period: March 1st-April 15th, 2021
Included: Seasonal tea confectionery, sake, breakfast, cherry-blossom viewing lunch (unaju, liver sucking), original hand towel
Price: From 98,068 yen per night (tax included, service charge not included per room)
Reservation: Reservation required by 18:00 the day before from the official website
Target: Hoshinoya Tokyo guest

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Highest level corona countermeasure declaration

[1] Hygiene management
At Hoshino Resorts, as part of our corona measures, we take the following measures in consideration of our customers’ health and public health.
・ Temperature measurement at check-in
・ In addition to normal guest room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water in the building
・ Alcohol for sterilization is installed in various places in the building
・ Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is installed in all guest rooms
・ Alcohol disinfection of fingers for all customers when entering the dining room
・ High-temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or higher), disinfection cleaning of meal trays
・ Install partitions such as panels and vinyl sheets on the front
・ Wear a mask when serving customers in the hall
・ Thorough management of staff health and hygiene (temperature measurement and record confirmation before going to work)
・ Humidifiers that keep the humidity above 40% are installed in all guest rooms (excluding facilities in Hoshinoya Tokyo and Okinawa Prefecture)
・ His QR coding of menus in restaurants (all facilities of the world brand)

[2] 3 Dense avoidance
We take the following measures to create a stay that avoids the three “denseness” of closed, dense, and close.
・ Implementation of 3 dense visualization services that show the degree of congestion in the large communal bath on a smartphone (partial)
・ Restrictions on admission and entry in places where congestion is confirmed during your stay
・ Manage the congestion status of dining and decentralize entry time
・ At the time of check-out front payment, entry restrictions will be implemented as appropriate.
・ Check-in support in guest rooms (Hoshinoya / Kai)
・ Deployment of CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration measuring instruments in public spaces
・ Thorough ventilation according to the building design, such as natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation

>[Hoshino Resort] Corona measures summary

Hoshinoya Tokyo
Opened in July 2016 with the concept of “Tower’s Japanese Ryokan”. Take off your shoes at the entrance, and have a traditional Japanese-style room with tatami mats, a living room lounge on each floor, and a hot spring on the top floor.
1-9-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / 84 guest rooms
>Hoshinoya Tokyo official website



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