Inatori Ginsuiso, a comfort room that fits new times and lifestyles


At “Inatori Ginsuiso”, an inn in Inatori Onsen, Izu, we recommend it for “SMALL TRIP” such as increasing demand for worcation, free-spirited solo trips, and two-person trips with well-known people. We have sold a new type of guest room.

"Comfort Single"

In the 42m2 guest room, which is just right for one person, one Simmons semi-double bed and a sofa set that can monopolize the superb view are installed by the window. The 50-inch TV is already connected to the Internet, and you can enjoy various video distribution services.
The biggest feature is the working space installed in the guest room. Equipped with free Wi-Fi that can be used for remote meetings, it can also be used as a “private office with a superb view”.

"Comfort Twin"

“Comfort Twin” with plenty of space for two people to travel. In addition to two beds on 52m2, the popular beaded sofa “yogibo” was installed.

Leaving yourself to “yogibo” and gazing at the endless sea and sky, sometimes at last … There is a luxury of doing nothing. sorry. Your work may not progress.

From 14:00 to 18:00, you can also use various drinks in the observation lounge free of charge.

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The basic plan is a one-night breakfast included with the popular breakfast buffet. For dinner, you can choose various kaiseki meals that allow you to enjoy the taste of Izu, or you can freely choose whether to eat out, adding freedom to your stay at the inn.
The more you stay for consecutive nights, the more you can save a total of 2,200 yen for 2 nights and 24,000 yen for a maximum of 6 nights.
Relax in the new comfort room where you can enjoy “unusual”, whether you are traveling alone or at your leisure, as well as for wormcation.



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