[Kyukamura Retreat Azumino Hotel] “2022 Azumino Superb View Tour” to enjoy the Northern Alps with special seats


Based on the concept of “Azumino, a city that loves the morning,” we will hold a tour that takes you to “Nagamineyama” in the early morning, which overlooks the Northern Alps, about 45 minutes by bus from the Kyukamura Retreat Azumino Hotel. If you are lucky, you can see the Northern Alps towering over the sea of clouds. There is a magnificent view that only people who get up early can see.

Nagamineyama with a panoramic view of Azumino

Nagamineyama is one of the most scenic spots overlooking the Northern Alps. Located in the east of Azumino City, it overlooks the confluence of the Sai, Takase, and Hotaka rivers, and is popular as a great view point overlooking the countryside of Azumino and the Northern Alps. An early morning bus runs to the summit with a 360-degree panorama. You can see the moving scenery that can only be seen in Azumino from the sky at an altitude of 933m.

【2022 Azumino superb view tour】

Date: April 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun), 29 (Fri), 30 (Sat)
May 1 (Sun) – 15 (Sun) / 22 (Sun)
Price: 2,500 yen (tax included) Car transfer, insurance, coffee, sweets included
Capacity: 30 people (minimum 2 people)
Tour conductor: I will not accompany you (the guide will accompany you)
Process: The next morning after your stay, we will pick you up and drop off by private bus.
TEL: 0263-31-0874

*Kyukamura Retreat Azumino Hotel will be disbanded (around 8:00) at the “Hachimen Daio Footbath” meeting (around 5:45).
*It will be canceled in case of rain or stormy weather. (Determined around 16:00 on the day before the event)
*The above dates are tour dates. Accommodation will be the night before.
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Coffee brewed in delicious water in the delicious air
Sweets from the famous confectionery store "Ayaka" using local ingredients
Enjoy a special morning with a graceful view of warm coffee and sweets brewed at the top of the mountain.

《One Spring Night Azumino Satoyama Kaiseki Accommodation Plan》
At Azumino Dining, we will prepare Satoyama Kaiseki for local production for local consumption to entertain with the blessings of the earth. Supper is a kaiseki course where you can fully enjoy the four seasons of Azumino. Enjoy the food of Azumino, a treasure trove of ingredients such as wasabi, which is a representative of clear stream growth, Shinshu salmon, rice grown with the blessings of underflow water, and Azumino vegetables Shinshu fruits. It is a delicious meal for both eyes and tongue by fusing seasonal ingredients with local food culture.

Period: April 22nd (Friday) -May 21st (Saturday), 2022 * Excluding the GW period from April 29th to May 7th
Price: 2 people 1 room 1 night 2 meals Standard floor 1 adult 18,150 yen ~ (tax included)
2 people 1 room 1 night 2 meals Premium floor 1 adult 21,150 yen ~ (tax included)
Enjoy the Satoyama Kaiseki in Azumino, a treasure trove of ingredients
We prepare dishes suitable for "Azumino, a city that loves the morning" in a set style.

Kyukamura Retreat Azumino Hotel
Azumino is located in the central part of Nagano prefecture and extends to the foot of the Northern Alps. The location that stands quietly in Akamatsu and Kunugi is just a retreat. You can soak in the hot springs slowly, feel the sunlight through the woods and take a bath in the forest, or enjoy the art town “Azumino” where you can cycle around while looking at the museums, wasabi fields, and the Northern Alps scattered around Azuminodaira. Please enjoy the retreat unique to Kyukamura.>Kyukamura Retreat Azumino Hotel Official Website



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