[Kai Izumo] Rain that carries good ties to enjoy in the hall “Enishizuku Tour” held


The rain that falls in Shimane is called “Enishizuku” and is said to be the rain that resets the mind and carries good ties.
In Kai Izumo, “Wa Umbrella Sky”, which has a colorful Japanese umbrella on the drum bridge in the hall, is associated with its culture.
In addition, we will entertain our customers by preparing a rainy day limited “Rain Sound Omikuji” and a rain-themed tea room “Enshizuku Tea Room”.

Setting up a Japanese umbrella to decorate the hall

Japanese umbrellas, which are indispensable on rainy days, can be colorfully installed in various places in the building.
“Wa Umbrella Sky” brings out not only the pattern of Japanese paper but also the beauty of the internal skeleton by decorating a Japanese umbrella on the Taiko Bridge, which is also a symbol of Izumo.
You can enjoy the feeling of holding a Japanese umbrella on a rainy day while staying in the building.

The Japanese umbrellas set up in the bamboo garden adjacent to the restaurant and the open-air bath in the large communal bath are lit up when the sun goes down.
While enjoying your meal and taking an open-air bath, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of colorful Japanese umbrellas.

Rain sound Omikuji

“Rain sound Omikuji” will be set up in the travel library only on rainy days.
The rain sound Omikuji is an original fortune that the characters emerge when it gets wet, and the fortune and lucky spots are written inside.
By tying the Omikuji to the Japanese umbrella inside the building, it will be dedicated to the Tamatsukuriyu Shrine in the Tamatsukuri Onsen district.
You can pray for a good match while thinking about the sound of the rain of the falling drops.

Enishizuku Tea Room

The tea room in the building can be set up as a “Enishizuku Tea Room” with the theme of rain.
You can heal the tiredness of your trip by taking a break with a cute tea confectionery that resembles raindrops and a cool glass matcha bowl that is reminiscent of rain.

Japanese umbrellas and hydrangeas are installed in the tea room, so you can enjoy a special time during the rain.

Overview of "Enishizuku Tour"

Holding period: June 1st-July 10th, 2022
Price: Free
Business Hours: All day, Enishizuku tea room 15: 30 ~ 18: 30, lit up (open-air bath) 19: 00 ~ 24: 00
Target: Guest
Remarks: “Rain sound Omikuji” is only available on rainy days.

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