A stay program “Yafakaji Nagomi Stay” where you can experience the pleasant breeze on the island and be healed


At the stay-type resort “Hoshinoya Taketomijima” in Taketomi Island, Okinawa Prefecture, we are planning a “soft-style trash stay” to experience the comfortable breeze blowing on the island this year as well. Please experience the popular program where you can feel the wind in various situations.

Spend a comfortable time at the "Kaze no Ie" where the south wind blows through

Taketomi Island is an island where the original scenery of Okinawa remains strong, with a village designated as an “Important Traditional Buildings Preservation District” in the country. The island’s houses are built to welcome the southwesterly winds in the hot summer and create a pleasant breeze indoors.

We offer “Shisho and Mintha Seiryo Bath” and “Soft Wind Relaxation Set” so that you can feel the breeze more comfortably in your room.

Shisho and mint blue cool bath

Immerse yourself in a bathtub with shisho and mint from the facility. A bath with a refreshing scent of herbs. In addition, the hot water dyed blue using Bataraipee looks cool. The bathtub is located in the center of the room, where the southerly wind blows through. It is an experience to feel the wind of the island while soaking in the blue cool bath.

Relaxation set

We will prepare a soft-style relaxing set that allows you to feel the breeze more comfortably in your room. A coral wind chime featuring a refreshing scent of shell ginger and a clear, high-pitched tone.

As the wind blows, the scent of shell ginger incense spreads throughout the room, and the sound of the wind chimes reverberates. Under the eaves, you can spend a relaxing and comfortable time using a chair mock, a kuba fan and a shell ginger goza.

Enjoy your meal in a place where you can feel the wind

Breakfast at the viewing platform

Located in the southeast of the facility, the viewing platform is a place where you can see the guest rooms that follow the original scenery of the island, such as the guest rooms with red tile roofs, the white sand alleys, and the stone walls that surround the guest rooms. On the other side, you can see Aiyaru Beach where the rising sun rises, and you can feel the wind passing through the sea.

It is a breakfast with 5 kinds of bread and side dishes using ingredients familiar in Okinawa such as red potato and prawn, and fruit juice. Take in the light of the morning sun and the breeze from the sea while overlooking the entire facility, and refresh the beginning of the day.

Aperitif at Azumaya

At the eastern house in the field where the island’s plants grow, you can spend your time before meals, drinking apéritif while feeling the breeze at dusk. Apéritif is a drink that uses red perilla and has a moderate acidity. After being healed by the gentle breeze stroking your skin while gazing at the twilight sky, enjoy a dinner course at the dining room.

Supper "Shimanabe" in the guest room

For dinner on the second day, we will prepare an island pot to be chilled with ice in the guest room where the south wind blows through. A hot pot filled with pork, shimadofu, seasonal vegetables, etc. will be refreshed with “Nuchigusa Ice”.

Life grass is a general term for herbs and vegetables that have been used for health on the island for a long time, and its refreshing scent arouses the appetite of summer.

Experience the maneuvering of a sabani that runs in the wind from the sails

Ride the sabani, a traditional Ryukyu wooden sailing ship, and feel the breeze blowing into the sea. You can experience the power of the wind blowing over the wide sea surrounding Taketomi Island in the sabani maneuvering experience that advances only with the power of rowing using a paddle and the wind. It is an activity where you can feel the summer breeze in a private space. Occasionally take a break from rowing and relax on the sea while being swayed by sabani.

"Yafakaji Nagomi Stay" overview

Period: June 1st-August 31st, 2022 (Exclusion date: August 6th-16th, Island festival event)
Price: 59,290 yen per person (tax and service charge included, accommodation charge not included)
Included: Shisho and mint blue cool bath, soft wind relaxing set (coral wind chime, moon peach incense, chair mock, kuba fan, moon peach goza), sabani maneuvering experience, breakfast at the viewing platform once, 1 apéritif and 2 dinners at Azumaya (Ryukyu Nouvelle, Shimanabe)

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Hoshinoya Taketomijima has been in business for 10 years and will continue to provide an experience where you can experience the island’s natural environment and traditional culture.

Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, located on Taketomi Island where beautiful nature and good old culture are alive, will celebrate its 10th anniversary on June 1, 2022. We will continue to walk with the island by valuing the basic spirit of the island listed in the “Taketomi Island Charter” and providing an experience where you can experience the natural environment and traditional culture.

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