[Hoshinoya Tokyo] “Hoshinoya Tokyo x Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Special Project” to learn Japanese culture through accommodation


We will hold “Hoshinoya Tokyo x Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Special Project” to learn Japanese culture with different themes each time at a Japanese inn in the center of Tokyo. You can learn about Japanese culture through your stay by taking advantage of the goodness of Japanese inns such as meals and hot springs.

About "Mitsukoshi Culture Salon"

The “Mitsukoshi Culture Salon” at the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store offers about 250 courses a year under the theme of “seeing, knowing, and learning, a plaza for new discoveries.” The feature is that you can take courses in a wide range of fields such as culture and Japanese culture. In addition to regular courses, we also hold one-day courses and short-term courses.

The 1st "Hoshinoya Tokyo x Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Special Project"

1. Sake course by Yuki Aoi

During your stay, we will hold a sake course by Yuki Aoi, a sake master and sake samurai. On the first day, we will compare the drinks of “Ryuriki Terroir” from Honda Shoten in a dining space with the image of the stratum.

Even if the same sake rice is used and made by the same method, you can feel that the taste differs depending on the nature of the soil in which the sake rice is grown. You will also learn about the history of sake, such as the connection between Japanese people and rice culture. On the second day, we will learn about the ingredients of sake and the points to enjoy sake in a healthy way, and aim to be able to incorporate it into our daily lives.

Kiki Sake Master, Sake Samurai Yuki Aoi
Besides being a freelance announcer, she actively communicates the charm of Japanese food and sake, and the manners of eating, and conveys the importance and how to enjoy it. Yuki Aoi’s life work is food, liquor, and travel, and has visited sake breweries, wineries, and rice fields nationwide more than 350 times. Yuki Aoi plans and sponsors sake brewery tours, traditional Japanese culture x sake events, and dishes of various nationalities x sake pairing events.

Yuki Aoi is active in a wide range of activities such as serializing sake and shochu columns, regional production through food and sake, lectures and seminar lecturers all over the country, symposium facilitators, and event moderators.

Judge of the sake and plum wine contest
Certified by the Japan Sake Brewing Youth Council, appointed as a sake samurai
Japanese sake brewery tourism promotion council private member

Summer sake to enjoy with “Nippon Cuisine ~ Fermentation ~”
At dinner, you can enjoy 6 types of sake, including Aoi’s carefully selected summer sake. Hoshinoya Tokyo’s dinner is an original course meal that combines fermented foods (*), which are said to boost immunity, with French cooking techniques.

In the summer course, you can enjoy seasonal ingredients such as “Ayu”, “Peach” and “Hozuki” while boosting your immunity with fermented foods. It is unique to this project that you can enjoy each dish while listening to Mr. Aoi’s explanation of the selected sake and the points when combining sake with the dishes. In addition, at the apéritif before dinner, you can learn about the trends of sake and the characteristics of summer sake while tasting a cocktail of sake.

*Reference: Takeo Koizumi, “Fermentation is Magic” 2014

Outline of the 1st "Hoshinoya Tokyo x Mitsukoshi Culture Salon Special Project"

Date: 2 days and 1 night from July 30, 2022
Capacity: 6 groups * 1 group 1 to 3 people
Price: From 138,000 yen per person (tax and service charge included)
Included: Accommodation, Sake course (before dinner, at dinner, after breakfast),
Supper “Nippon Cuisine ~ Fermentation ~”, Sake pairing,
Seasonal fruit and amazake smoothies, breakfast, souvenirs
Remarks: The program schedule and contents may be partially changed depending on the situation.

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