[Hoshino Resorts Kai] “Uruhashi Hyundai Yuji”, a hot spring program that prepares the body for reducing heat fatigue in the summer


Hoshino Resorts’ hot spring inn brand “Kai” recommends bathing in hot springs in the summer, and various programs and experiences will be held at each facility to enhance the time at the inn. Under the supervision of Professor Shinya Hayasaka, a specialist in spa therapy, you can prepare your body with a bathing method that effectively incorporates the power of hot springs.

Since 2017, we have been developing services related to hot springs at facilities nationwide as “Uruhashi Hyundai Yuji” with the aim of making it possible to experience hot spring therapies that have been handed down in Japan for a long time at modern hot spring inns. The staff who are familiar with hot springs, called “Kai no Yumori,” play a central role in developing and evolving new services year after year.

In addition to bathing in hot springs, you can enjoy the hot springs of Japan, such as the suggestion of eating shaved ice, which is a summer tradition, the original beer that makes the hot springs a blissful time, the ginger tea recommended for measures against the cold in the summer, and the modern hot spring exercises performed under the summer sky. Here is a summary of the hospitality that is perfect for the summer that you would like to propose in order to get rid of it.

Characteristics of Uruhashi Hyundai Yuji
・Based on the idea of ​​spa therapy, we propose based on the characteristics of the hot spring area such as the quality of the spring, the characteristics of the hot spring, the temperature and the natural environment.
・A high-quality, convincing, common-axis experience program in every field in Japan

Recommended bathing method for summer
<For early summer>
In early summer (around June), taking a good bath in a hot spring will help prevent heat stroke. After taking a full-body bath at 40°C for about 15 minutes and sweating for about 2 weeks, including hot springs and bathing at home, the body becomes accustomed to heat by saying “heat acclimatization”. increase. As heat acclimatization progresses, heat stroke can be prevented and summer can be survived energetically.

<For midsummer>
The temperature is high during the summer, and because the room is air-conditioned, the temperature difference between the outside and the room is large. This causes stress on the body, stimulates the sympathetic nerves, and tires the autonomic nerves. When the sympathetic nerves are overwhelmed, the gastrointestinal motility also deteriorates, and the appetite is lost, resulting in the so-called summer heat fatigue. Sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night in the summer.

Taking a relaxing bath in a lukewarm hot spring up to 40°C suppresses the excitement of the sympathetic nerves, and conversely enhances the parasympathetic nerves and reduces the fatigue of the autonomic nerves. Increased parasympathetic activity also improves gastrointestinal tone. Taking a bath will lead to a good night’s sleep.

Summer programs and experiences that can be enjoyed in the world

Summer tradition, local shaved ice

Kakigori is a popular summer food that is perfect for cooling down. The world proposes a style of eating while taking a footbath so as not to inadvertently cool your body too much this summer. It is a new way of eating that is similar to the old-fashioned idea of “head cold foot fever”. For the ice to be carved, “pure ice” made by an ice specialty store is used. It is said that “pure ice” does not hurt your head.

Period: July 9th – August 31st, 2022

A blissful hot spring beer

The first drink after sweating in the large communal bath in the hot summer is something I can’t wait to see. Also, what you taste at the hot spring inn is exceptional. We offer a set of special beer from the world and local snacks that meet such a happy time. While being blown by the breeze, you can enjoy a cup of hot water with a uchiwa in one hand.

Period: June 1st – October 31st, 2022

Ginger tea that is perfect for cold summer

In the world, each facility prepares a total of 5 types of “hot water protection drinks” according to time, such as before and after bathing and before and after sleeping, but before going to bed, “steamed ginger tea” is recommended for cold summer bodies. Summer when the core of the body gets cold easily in the air conditioner. If you take it 1 hour before bedtime, raise your body temperature, and gradually lower the temperature inside your body, it will be easier to fall asleep smoothly.

Period: Year-round offer

Modern hot spring gymnastics under the summer sky

“Modern Yuji Gymnastics” consists of poses overlooking beautiful scenery and nature, and unique movements related to local features. If you move your body a lot in response to the shout of Yumori, you will sweat slowly. If done before bathing, it promotes improvement of blood flow and enhances the effect of hot springs.

Period: Year-round offer
Time: The holding time depends on the facility

Enjoy a bath in various parts of Japan this summer

An inn with an open-air bath surrounded by lush greenery that is full of wildness
Kai Kawaji, Kai Kinugawa, Kai Hakone, Kai Aso

An inn where you can enjoy a bath with a feeling of openness and a spectacular view
Hoshino Resorts KAI, Hoshino Resorts KAI, Hoshino Alps

Inn with hot and lukewarm water that is excellent even in the cold
Kai Sengokuhara, Kai Matsumoto, Kai Nagato, Kai Beppu, Kai Kirishima

Inn where you can enjoy hot water with beautiful skin, recommended for summer when you get sunburned or sweaty
KAI Tsugaru, KAI Nikko, KAI Enshu, KAI Ito, KAI Kaga, KAI Izumo

About supervision of "Uruhashi Hyundai Yuji"

“Uruhashi Hyundai Yuji” is supervised by Professor Hayasaka of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Tokyo City University, in order to incorporate the perspective of spa therapy. The “Modern Yuji Stay Program” for all facilities was also created under the supervision of Professor Hayasaka.

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