[Miyagi Zao / Togatta Onsen] Concept room renewed “Mountain lodge Daikon no Hana”


“Mountain lodge Daikon no Hana” in Togatta Onsen, Miyagi, has reopened one of its guest rooms with the concept of “this comfort is just right”.
Sun shine through the trees during the day, and at night you can feel the quiet forest and sky up close.

We use natural and natural materials and environmentally friendly materials for construction.
You can feel the harmony with nature due to aging.
The open-air bath overlooking the forest gives you a feeling of blending in with nature, which changes its expression depending on the season.
Immerse yourself in the 400-year-old Togatta Onsen hot spring, which is known as the hot spring for beautiful skin, and spend a time relaxing in the forest.

An open-air bath of "Maple" where you can feel the change of time and seasons in the bright light in the morning and in the darkness at night.

A space created with local carpenters by picking up all the building materials such as flooring and tiles, lighting and interiors, choosing what to incorporate.
The windows are designed with particular attention, such as the landscape, daylighting, and openings for taking in the air of the forest.

Along with the dazzling light in the morning, in the darkness of the night, the room is as close as possible to the nature where you can feel the changes in the seasons and the changing weather of the day while staying indoors.

Simmons bed in a calm space with dimmable lighting
Clean wash space & shower booth

Enjoy the seasons in nature "Happy, Satoyama cuisine" featuring a vegetable garden and freshly picked vegetables from the local area

Seasonal vegetables nurtured by abundant nature are the protagonists of radish flowers.
Please spend a rich time enjoying the taste of nature while looking at the trees.

Touring the open-air bath with a wild atmosphere

The large baths that make use of the topography of the land and the trees, and the four private open-air baths change their expressions depending on the season and time.
You can enjoy a time that blends in with nature by visiting the open-air baths.

On the terrace of the acorn cottage, you can cool down your body with a handmade mojito that uses plenty of Zao mint after the bath.
We are proposing ways to enjoy summer with only Daikon no hana, such as spending a relaxing time in a hammock on the terrace surrounded by the forest.

The terrace of the forest lava bath "Acorn Cottage". Napping in a hammock in the summer.
Enjoy summer only, such as handmade mojito with plenty of Zao mint.

[Mountain lodge Daikon no Hana Official Website Reservation Limited Coupon] Now Available
If you enter and apply “4F588D” in the coupon code field when making a reservation on the official website, you can stay at 3000 yen off. Please note that no discount will be given if the coupon code is not entered and applied at the time of booking.

Reservation period: Until June 28, 2022
Business period: Until September 30, 2022 (Exclusion date August 6-August 21)
Coupon code: 4F588D
Applicable plan: [Best rate] “All inclusive with half board”

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