[Hotel Gajoen Tokyo] A tie-up project with the movie “‘senwa boku o egaku’ at 100 steps-the world of ink paintings seen in a color space-” Showing ink paintings


From October 1(Sat) to November 27(Sun), 2022, the ink paintings that appear in the movie “senwa boku o egaku(Line Draws Me)” are exhibited at the Tokyo designated tangible cultural property “Hyakudankaidan(hundred steps)” in the museum.

As a tie-up project with the movie “senwa boku o egaku”, which will be released on October 21 (Fri), we will introduce the technique of ink painting on the stage of a cultural property architecture.
This special exhibition, which showcases a variety of works, has already become a hot topic.

Prior to the movie release, some of the highlights, such as ink paintings that appear in the play, will be unveiled for the first time.
Please enjoy the spatial beauty created by the color space and black and white ink paintings of the cultural property “Hyakudandan”, which was once called the Showa Ryugu Castle.

Know the depth of ink painting

Ink painting, which is expressed by shading, bleeding, and fading of ink, can be enjoyed more deeply by learning about its history and techniques.
In this exhibition, we will introduce the history, tools, and techniques of ink painting in an easy-to-understand manner for those unfamiliar with ink painting, at the first of the seven exhibition halls in the stairway corridor, “June no Ma”.
In addition, works using various techniques will be exhibited, drawing you into the depth of ink painting.

Experience a scene from a movie

We will exhibit various works in the play, including the works of four gentlemen, who are the basics of ink painting and also appear in movies.
A masterpiece of 5m width and 2m height arranged in the aroma of ink,
You can see a space where you can immerse yourself in the world of the movie, such as the atelier scenery where Syosuke Aoyama, played by Ryusei Yokohama, is fascinated by ink painting and works hard to practice.
It is a content that you will want to visit before and after watching the movie.

Enjoy the world of novels and participatory spots

In addition to the venue where you can appreciate the original author Hiromasa Togami’s ink paintings and exhibitions related to the original work,
In the entrance hall, you will be greeted by a 4-meter-wide masterpiece drawn by Kozan Shinoda, the master ink painting master of the main character.
In addition, there is a large panel introducing the movie, an atelier installation where ink painting tools are lined up,
We have prepared many photogenic exhibitions, such as a participatory spot where you can display the image you want to be on a strip of paper.

"'senwa boku o egaku' at 100 steps-the world of ink paintings seen in a color space-" Overview

Duration: October 1(Sat) to November 27(Sun), 2022 *No holidays during the exhibition period
Viewing time: 11:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:30)
Venue: Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Tokyo Designated Tangible Cultural Property “Hundred Steps”
Price: Same-day ticket ¥1,200 / Student ¥600 (student ID required) / Free for preschoolers / Online limited pair ticket ¥2,300
TEL: 03-5434-3140 (Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Event Planning 10:00-18:00)

>”‘senwa boku o egaku’ at 100 steps-the world of ink paintings seen in a color space-” special site



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