[FAV HOTEL Hakodate] New hotel with pet-friendly rooms, the first in Hokkaido, opens on August 30.


FAV HOTEL Hakodate, the newest addition to the FAV HOTEL lineup, which is ideal for group stays, will open on Tuesday, August 30, 2012. Three pet-friendly rooms that can accommodate up to two medium-sized dogs have been introduced. Hakodate has a wealth of sightseeing spots that can be visited with pets, so please enjoy your stay at the hotel as well.

Pet-friendly rooms for comfortable petcation

Pet-friendly superior twin

In addition to standard items such as toilet seats and pet towels, the guest rooms are equipped with higher-grade goods to make travel more comfortable under the supervision of three pet goods stores. Ray dog, which offers stylish imported goods, will introduce dog toys and pet perfume, and mof-mof, which sells stylish Scandinavian-designed pet goods, will introduce dog shoes, clothes, cushions, and other items.

In addition, for care products essential for keeping the rooms clean, we have selected dog dish detergent and all-in-one sprays that are popular at “Paddy by wafona”. Please use this as an opportunity to try out various items while enjoying your hotel stay with your dog.

The first spacious suite under the FAV HOTEL brand with a floor space of approximately 60 square meters

One suite room, which can accommodate up to six people, has been established for the first time under the hotel’s brand. The spacious 60-square-meter room is designed as a separate bedroom and living room to create a relaxing atmosphere. The room is equipped with lights from famous interior design brands and color-changing lights to create a playful atmosphere that is different from regular guest rooms.

In addition, upgraded amenities such as showerheads, hair dryers, and bathrobes from the popular beauty brand ReFa have been provided.

Collaboration room with "Herald Bonnie" for a museum-like atmosphere.

Herald Bony Standard
Herald Bonnie Superior Twin

Following the “FAV HOTEL Hiroshima Stadium,” a collaboration with the experimental welfare unit “Herald Bonnie” was realized.

Twelve artworks by artists contracted by “Herald Bonnie” were displayed in the common areas and guest rooms to add color to the hotel. There are two types of guest rooms: Standard Bank and Superior Twin, and guests can enjoy different expressions of art depending on the room.

Business Trip Sushi Plan" to enjoy Hokkaido seafood at a leisurely pace with zero transportation from the hotel

In collaboration with Sapporo Kaisenmaru, a delivery sushi restaurant that has outlets not only in Hakodate but also throughout Hokkaido and is well received by local customers, we have realized a dream sushi plan where a sushi chef will serve fresh Hokkaido sushi in the hotel.
This plan can be enjoyed by families with small children, or for occasions such as a surprise for family and friends.

◇Outline of the Sushi Business Trip Plan
This plan includes a sushi chef from “Sapporo Kaisenmaru” traveling to the hotel and making sushi specially for you at the bar space on the first floor.
The plan includes approximately 50 pieces of sushi (about 10 pieces per person) for 4 to 6 persons. The menu includes scallops, Hokkiyose (hokki-gai), octopus, flatfish, tuna, salmon roe, sea urchin, and more, all served on rice made from Hokkaido rice.

Duration: From August 8, 2022 *Reservations must be made 10 days in advance.
Price: From 42,000 yen including tax (room charge included)

FAV HOTEL Hakodate Opening Commemorative Plan

◇Free dog treats plan
To commemorate the opening, we are giving away round canned treats, a popular item from the dog treat specialty store “iico”, to those who stay in a Pet Friendly Room. These additive-free, preservative-free treats made from carrots are sure to please your dog. The compact, palm-sized can can be used not only as a treat container, but also for carrying medicine or candy balls.

Duration: From August 8, 2022
Price: From 17,000 yen including tax (room charge included)

FAV HOTEL Hakodate

Address: 20-15 Otemachi, Hakodate City, Hokkaido 040-0064
Access: 3 minute walk from JR Hakodate Station
Rooms: 30 rooms (including 3 pet-friendly rooms)

>FAV HOTEL Hakodate official website



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