[HOSHINOYA Kyoto] Conger pike representing summer in Kyoto Enjoy conger banquet on the riverside


From July 1st to 31st, 2023, the “Oku-Arashiyama Conger Pike Kaiseki” will be held, where you can fully enjoy Kyoto’s summer conger eel cooked in a variety of ways.
In a private residence on the waterside with scenic beauty away from everyday life, the deep flavors will fill your body and soul.

"Conger pike Kaiseki" where you can fully enjoy conger pike

-Mukozuke- Conger pike-sashimi
Conger pike carefully selected for its fat content and softness of the bones are thinly prepared.

-Appetizer- grilled conger pike

Fatty conger pike is charcoal-grilled and grilled. You can enjoy the moist texture of conger pike with the fragrant charcoal aroma.

-Botan- conger pike in a bowl

A large conger pike made into a classic bowl dish. Choose kombu and bonito flakes, and enjoy them in a refreshing broth that soaks into your body in the hot summer.

-Hashiyasume- conger pike somen noodles

Fish meat somen noodles with a chewy texture that contains conger pike. You can enjoy the flavor of the conger pike and the sweetness of the noodles with each bite.

-Hassun- Conger pike with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Nanban White Dressing, Sea Urchin Tororo, Braised Figs in Red Wine, Conger pike egg jelly

It is a dish made of bright and refreshing lotus flowers that looks like a cutout of the scenery of Rankyo in summer.

-Shizakana- Conger pike vinegar

Two types of conger pike, kabayaki and shirayaki, are combined with cucumber and ginger to create a refreshing vinegared dish.

-Rice- conger pike rice

Rice cooked with plenty of conger pike and burdock that goes well with it. The conger pike is charcoal-grilled and then cooked with rice.

Oku-Arashiyama Conger Pike Kaiseki Meal

Duration: July 1-31, 2023
Price: 48,000 yen per person
Audience: guest
Note: This is a special kaiseki meal reserved only for those who have made a reservation at “Rankyo no Noryo Kawayuka”.



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