[Haga Farm & Glamping] “Autumn gourmet BBQ” to enjoy moonlit nights and autumn leaves


We will offer “Autumn Gourmet BBQ” from September 12th to November 30th, 2020. Starting with 4 kinds of appetizers, it is a variety of outdoor menus such as Nasu Kogen beef and seafood. The vast forest boasting 350,000 square meters is dyed with colorful autumn leaves, and you can enjoy glamping in a superb view.

"Autumn gourmet BBQ" to enjoy the moonlit night

Autumn, when the air is clear, is a season when the moonlit nights are exceptionally beautiful. In “Haga Farm & Glamping”, we have prepared “Autumn Gourmet BBQ” where you can enjoy the moon viewing and the taste of autumn. A variety of outdoor menus such as freshly picked autumn vegetables purchased directly from local farmers, chestnut and mushroom ajillo, and Nasu Kogen beef will be finished in the outdoor kitchen equipped with each cabin. While loving the moon, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner time unique to glamping.

You can see the beautiful moon and starry sky because there is no light around

◆ “Autumn Gourmet BBQ” offer period: September 12th to November 30th, 2020

・ Autumn vegetable salad
・ Quesadilla
・ Chestnut and mushroom ajillo
・ Garlic toast
・ Nasu Kogen beef sirloin & peach steak
・ Black pig
・ Sakurahime chicken
・ Live scallops and shrimp
・ Freshly picked vegetables from local farmers
・ paella
・ Rombosse

Enjoy autumn leaves and glamping in the vast forest

“Haga Farm & Glamping” is a magnificent ranch and forest that grows thoroughbreds. There are various kinds of trees such as oak, metasequoia, and poplar on the premises, and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves that are dyed colorfully. The best time to see is from late October to mid-November. You can enjoy the leisurely glamping in the superb view that reflects the colors of autumn. Natural BGM such as the chirping of birds, the sound of rubbing leaves, and the barking of autumn insects echoes comfortably.

An elegant entrance that invites you to another world

"Go To Travel Campaign" is available

“Haga Farm & Glamping” is an accommodation facility covered by the “Go To Travel Campaign”, which subsidizes half the cost of domestic travel. Each cabin is arranged with plenty of space, avoiding the three crowds and enjoying a refreshing forest resort life.

In addition, “Reiwa Golf Resort” including “Haga Farm & Glamping”, “Murasakizuka Golf Club” and “Tsutsujigaoka Country Club” is taking measures against the following new coronavirus infections.

You can spend time in a ranch and forest boasting 350,000 square meters
All rooms have air conditioning / heating / bath (or shower) / shower / toilet

・ Disinfection of hands and fingers at check-in and in various places
・ All staff wear masks and regularly wash, disinfect, and gargle.
・ Thorough health management of employees and taking leave if symptoms such as fever are observed
・ Regular ventilation and alcohol disinfection of accommodations, clubhouses, restaurants and other public spaces

■ “Reiwa Golf Resort” that proposes a new resort life
Reiwa Golf Resort combines three facilities: “Haga Farm & Glamping” (Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture), “Murasakizuka Golf Club” (Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture), and “Tsutsujigaoka Country Club” (Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture). It is a general term. As a complex golf resort where you can freely combine golf, glamping, and leisure, we offer a new style of resort experience that has never been seen before.

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