Offering Japanese sweets from popular Japanese sweets creators in Kyoto on a monthly basis


At “Yado Le KYOTO HANARE”, we offer a plan where you can eat the dishes of popular local restaurants at the inn under the theme of “staying like you live”, which we cherish.
Introducing the monthly welcome Japanese sweets made by Masato Hara, the creator of Japanese sweets offered at the inn.
Welcome Japanese sweets limited to March 2021 are “Tanpopo” and “Hanadayori”.

There are many hidden stores in Kyoto. By collaborating with creators who are active in Kyoto, I think that you can feel a special experience as if you live in the area of “staying like you live”.

In addition, Yado Le KYOTO HANARE offers matcha as a welcome drink. Japanese sweets are indispensable for the behavior of matcha. Therefore, with the cooperation of Kyoto Japanese sweets creator Masato Hara, we produce seasonal Japanese sweets on a monthly basis.

By all means, please experience our concept of “staying as if you live” x Masato Hara’s special Japanese sweets.

Introducing welcome Japanese sweets limited to March 2021


It is a wildflower that blooms yellow flowers in spring.
It becomes fluffy after the flowers have finished blooming, but I think you may have skipped it.
Please return to your childhood and feel the arrival of spring.

花便り(News from flowers)

Beyond the long closed winter
Spring is coming.
Animals and plants regain their vitality and people’s hearts become brighter.
Sakura blooms warm and beautiful flowers as if expressing its heart.

Sticking points

1. “Bright” authentic Japanese sweets made by Japanese sweets creators
Japanese sweets creators who are active in Kyoto carefully handcraft each one. We make such authentic Japanese sweets with a cute appearance that makes you want to take pictures.

2. We offer seasonal Japanese sweets every month
We offer two types of Japanese sweets as a one-month limited product, considering the concept according to the season every month.

List of provided facilities

Introducing 5 facilities of Le KYOTO HANARE, an inn where you can experience “staying like you live”.

1. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Washi no Yado

● Concept
104 years of history.
“Kurotani Washi” handed down in the Ayabe region of northern Kyoto An inn that uses washi everywhere as a living tool rather than a writing tool.

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2. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Sonojuku

● Concept
A playing space.
The living room with its floor dug is a place for people to gather and talk, and the remote bathroom is a cypress bath with a view of the garden.

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3. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Mishinojuku

● Concept
An inn where water is flowing from the entrance to the garden because of the origin of the place name “Mibu”, which is converted from “aquatic” in a place where a lot of spring water is born.

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4. Inn Le KYOTO HANARE Alley Nojuku

● Concept
Doma alley.
A fusion of the alleys often seen in Kyoto called “Goban-no-me” and the traditional Japanese space, Doma.

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5. Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Shoji no Yado

● Concept
Soft light spilling from shoji.
Ancient Japanese fittings inherited from the Heian period. In the morning, the sun rises and the light that shines through the window turns into a soft light through the shoji screen.

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Period: February 1, 2020-February 28, 2020
Price: Free
Facilities provided: Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Washi no Yado
Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Sonoyado
Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Mishinojuku
Inn Le KYOTO HANARE Alley Nojuku
Yadoru KYOTO HANARE Shoji no Yado
Target: Guests only
Remarks: Part of the contents may change depending on the purchasing situation.

Yado Le KYOTO HANARE thinks of 3 dense avoidance

We believe that what is required for travel due to the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection is that it is possible to enjoy travel for the first time while ensuring safety and security.
Therefore, we will thoroughly implement measures at each facility of “3 dense avoidance” and “hygiene management”.

[1] Check-in
-Avoid crowds
In order to avoid contact with people, Yado Le KYOTO HANARE will check in in the guest room.

-Temperature measurement
We carry out temperature measurement for all customers.
If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you may be asked to refrain from staying according to the instructions of the public health center.

[2] Guest room
-Room type
Yado Le KYOTO HANARE is a room that can avoid 3 crowds because it is rented only for 1 group per day.

-Alcohol installation
Rubbing alcohol for hand disinfection is provided in all guest rooms.

-Bactericidal cleaning in the hall
In addition to normal cleaning, we carefully disinfect and clean the parts that come into contact with our hands.

[3] Meals
-Implementation of room meals
All meals are in the guest rooms, so you can avoid 3 crowds.

[4] Staff
-Wearing masks and gloves
We require you to wear masks and gloves during customer service so that you can stay with peace of mind.

-Health and hygiene management
We measure and record the temperature of all staff before going to work. We do not allow bad staff to come into contact with customers. In addition, we thoroughly wash our hands before work.

>3 Cs avoidance that Yado Le KYOTO thinks

Japanese sweets creator Masato Hara

Mr. Masato Hara, a Japanese sweets creator who handles Japanese sweets at Yado Le KYOTO HANARE. He trained for 10 years at a long-established Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto, where he was born and raised, and sends out creative Japanese sweets mainly on SNS.
He also holds Japanese sweets classes “Hiyo” all over the country, opening events with kitchen cars and offering products to companies.

Creator: Masato Hara (HARA MASATO)



Featured articles



A trip to Hida Takayama, where you can tour the historic land while listening to the audio guide

A service has been launched that provides tourist information in two languages, Japanese and English, such as the cityscape, Japanese heritage, and sake breweries that retain the remnants of the Edo period, which is representative of Hida Takayama. The audio guide can also be enjoyed at the “Hida Takayama 7 Kuranonbei Festival,” which is currently being held while taking measures against corona.



The famous gofuru “Kamakura Half Moon” from a long-established Japanese sweets shop will be delivered regularly.

Kamakura’s long-established Japanese sweets shop “Kamakura Goro Main Store” will start subscription! “Kamakura Half Moon” is a very popular sweet that has won the number one order for 16 consecutive years on the sweets mail order site “Paku to Mog”. It is a representative confectionery that is loved so much that it is called “Half Moon” in the local area of Kamakura. From that “Kamakura Half Moon”, the “Kamakura Half Moon Plenty of Regular Flight” that arrives regularly was born.
Tsuki Usagi, the symbol of “Kamakura Goro Main Store”, will deliver Kamakura sweets to your home. General sales will be accepted at the online shop from March 25th (Thursday). Please enjoy this taste that everyone is addicted to at the subscription.



It’s like a public bath! ?? A store specializing in “cheese sweets” with the theme of Atami Onsen is now available for the first time!

Fujinone Co., Ltd. is a store where you can enjoy authentic cheese sweets using cheese and the classic “milk” of the bath with the theme of “Atami Onsen” and “bath”, Cheesecake Factory “Atami Mill Cheese” is March 2021 It opened on the 20th.
Our shop is produced by “Atami Pudding”, which is said to be the forerunner of the Atami sweets boom, and we will deliver a lot of retro cute “new sensation cheesecake” unique to Atami.



Let’s enjoy spring at home this year!

The Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Main Store is now offering a wide range of products to enjoy cherry blossom viewing as the cherry blossoms are about to bloom. At the “SAKURA Festival” held on the food floor from Thursday, March 18, 2021, We sell Tobu limited lunch boxes, hors d’oeuvres, and sweets that are spring-like. In addition, we are developing items that produce cherry blossom viewing, such as tableware with the image of cherry blossoms and bonsai of cherry blossoms.
Continuing from last year, this year as well, it is still difficult to enjoy cherry blossom viewing outside due to the corona virus. Therefore, at our shop, we are focusing on developing products that let you feel the arrival of spring at “Jenaka Cherry Blossom Viewing”.



Lunch where you can enjoy spring ingredients at a famous cherry blossom spot that represents Kyoto

Continuing from last year, due to the influence of Corona, events related to cherry blossoms have been canceled and admission to famous places has been restricted, and the opportunity to enjoy the seasonal feeling unique to spring with loved ones has been lost. In order to spend time with such an important person, we have prepared seats that allow you to enjoy the arrival of spring with all five senses, enjoy cherry blossom viewing, and enjoy Japanese and Western cuisine that inherits the spirit of tea kaiseki.
Please enjoy the Japanese-Western eclectic course using plenty of spring ingredients, along with the view of the nationally designated scenic garden “Kamien” where the cherry blossoms, which are famous as a famous spot for red weeping in Kyoto, bloom.

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