The pizza studio “Moriyama Naples” that originated in Kanazawa has amazing regular flights that arrive every month!


We have started accepting regular flights in November, December, and January, which deliver 3 pizzas of selected ingredients and seasonal ingredients every month. In addition to the luxurious and affordable lineup, there are also gifts for the year-end and New Year holidays. Limited sale of 300 sets.

“Moriyama Napoli” developed by Moriyama Napoli Co., Ltd. is a [order frozen pizza] that originated in Kanazawa. Unlike mass-produced frozen pizzas, craftsmen hand-stretch each one and bake them in a kiln, and although they are frozen, they are delicious and overturn the concept of frozen pizzas. Many of them are repeaters. In particular, it has been well received for its chewy texture that does not seem to be frozen pizza dough.

A full-body regular flight that luxuriously colors the year-end and New Year holidays!

The Moriyama Naples regular flight, which is sold every three months, has received a lot of feedback every time, but this time I want to gorgeously color the year-end and New Year holidays when I spend more time with my family and friends! I want you to have a good time! I put effort into it. Lobster pizza and a pizza with a whole barrel of crabs are added to the set, making it an exciting lineup.
In November, you will receive two gift pizzas in addition to the three regular flights.

* Shipping fee is required only in November of the first month, not in December / January.

Scheduled flights in November

① “Noto chestnut and prosciutto & ricotta”
Autumn pizza topped with Noto chestnuts. The umami and salty taste of prosciutto works gently on the milky ricotta cheese.
② “Buffara Margherita”
The finest Margherita made with buffalo mozzarella. Harmony of condensed sweetness of fruit tomatoes.
③ “Mushroom and Gouda cheese”
The deep flavor of sautéed 4 kinds of mushrooms and sliced Gouda cheese aged for 18 months is popular.

Noto chestnut and prosciutto & ricotta

(Present) “Double Cheese Margherita”
Among the many pizzas in Moriyama Naples, it is by far the most popular pizza. The sweetness and sourness of homemade tomato sauce, the mozzarella cheese from Zanetti from Italy, and the refreshing flavor of homemade basil sauce handmade from fresh basil play a delicious taste.
(Present) “Plain pizza”
This “plain pizza” can be arranged and enjoyed to your liking. It’s also a good idea to make an original pizza with your child by topping it with corn, ham, bacon, etc. in the refrigerator. Please make it one of the pleasures of spending time at home.

Scheduled flights in December

① “Truffle and Pecorino”
Adult pizza with mushrooms and pecorino cheese on pizza dough with truffle sauce.
② “Moriyama Margherita”
It is a gorgeous color that is perfect for the X’mas season. The fresh basil sauce and the sweet cherry tomatoes go great together.
③ “Lobster and asparagus”
A piece with plenty of presence. You will be impressed by the scented lobster when baked. There is no doubt that it will be active during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Lobster and asparagus

Scheduled flights in January

① “Kobako crab pizza”
It is a gorgeous pizza that is popular in winter, with a luxurious topping of barrel crab. Place the crab meat and the inner and outer children freshly. The fluffy texture of the outer child is an accent to the texture.
② “Triple Margherita”
Double cheese Margherita with 3 types of cheese Margherita with Gruyere on top. An irresistible piece for cheese lovers.
③ “Kaga vegetable truffle”
A fragrant pizza with truffles added to the grilled “Kaga vegetables”, a traditional vegetable in Kanazawa. Please look forward to the texture of each vegetable.

Kobako crab pizza

Product name
Moriyama Naples Regular Flight November / December / January [First month Margherita & plain pizza present! ]

(November) Noto chestnut and prosciutto & ricotta, buffala margherita, mushrooms and gouda cheese
Get both double cheese Margherita and plain pizza
(December) Truffle and Pecorino, Moriyama Margherita, Lobster and Asparagus
(January) Kobako crab pizza, triple margherita, Kaga vegetable truffle

Sales period
10/3 (Sat) 12: 00-10 / 25 (Sun) 23:59

14,500 yen (excluding tax)

Shipping date of each month
November 2nd, December 1st, January 4th

Desired delivery date
Cannot be specified

Number of sales
Limited to 300 sets

Purchasable number
Any number of sets is possible

Pay only for the first time, and free for the other two times

A strong ally with a nest! The number of members has exceeded 50,000.

I think that many people spend more time at home, such as remote work. Moriyama Naples pizzas can be easily eaten just by heating them in the oven, so it should be encouraging to have them in the refrigerator. Perfect for light meals and midnight snacks. I hope you will smile with a pizza that is packed with attention to the dough and ingredients.

Due to the rapid increase in back-order demand this year, the number of Moriyama Naples site members increased by more than 10,000 in 2020, exceeding 50,000 in total.

[Number of Moriyama Naples site members]
57,500 (number of members as of the end of September 2020)

What is the life of Moriyama Naples?

“Pizza dough” is the life of Moriyama Naples.
Moriyama Naples’s pizza’s greatest feature, “frozen but chewy texture,” is the result of repeated research by incorporating the long-standing bread-making techniques of pizza chefs into pizza dough. A unique texture is created by unique formulation, kneading, and fermentation. In addition, the dough is slightly sweet, making it a taste that is loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults.

Pizza dough is made by craftsmen in the workshop by fine-tuning the composition according to the temperature and humidity. The fluffy fermented dough is hand-stretched by craftsmen one by one. It takes time, but the straightforward process leads to deliciousness.
Since swelling is important for baking, finish at a high temperature at once.
Furthermore, Moriyama Naples’ pride is to keep the ingredients toppings. Carefully selected ingredients with plenty of toppings complement the pizza dough.

Moriyama Naples
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