July 22, 2021 Auto campsite pre-opens in Tateyama


An auto campsite will be created on the site of the Tateyama Family Park. This facility is right in front of Heisaura Beach, which is famous for marine sports such as surfing, and is characterized by a warm climate all year round. It will pre-open on July 22, 2021.

“Tateyama Family Park” has closed its curtain on 44 years of history.
We will continue to develop it as a comfortable campsite that many people can enjoy while leaving a vestige. In addition, in collaboration with local businesses, we plan to renew the camp, including software, as a regional base camp where you can enjoy experience programs that take advantage of the warm climate throughout the year.

Overview of "Tateyama Family Park Campsite by RECAMP"

Opening date: July 22, 2021 (Thursday / holiday)
Reservation start: Monday, July 5, 2021 from midnight
* Reservations can be made from the campsite reservation site “Nap”
Price: Tent site 4,500 yen-9,000 yen / night 1 block 6-10 people
Address: 1210 Menuma, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture

>Click here for reservation site
>Recamp official website



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