Atsumi Peninsula in everlasting spring “Atsumi Peninsula Rape Blossom Festival 2023” starts on Saturday, January 14.


The “Holiday Village Irago” will guide guests to the main venue and offer rape blossom tea during the “Atsumi Peninsula Rape Blossom Festival 2023,” which will be held from January 14 (Sat.), 2023.

The Rape Blossom Festival is an event that started 25 years ago to let many people know the charm of the Atsumi Peninsula and rape blossoms. In Tahara City, there are about 25 hectares of rape fields utilizing fallow land, and as many as 12 million rape blossoms can be enjoyed.

Duration: January 14th (Sat) to April 2nd (Sun), 2023
Main Venue: Irago Nanohana Garden
〒441-3627 Hamayabu, Horikiricho, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture
Time: 9:00-17:00 (until 16:00 in January)
Entrance fee: 500 yen for adults / 100 yen for elementary school students / free parking

>Atsumi Peninsula Nanohana Festival 2023 special site

Warm nanohana Japanese black tea service at the "Dusk Terrace" during the Nanohana Festival.

The “Dusk Terrace” is open every evening. From the terrace, you can enjoy a 360° panoramic view of Ise Bay, Mikawa Bay, Toba, Chita, and Kamijima.

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