From Okinawa to the world! Okinawa historical story spelled out with video art and music, Ryukyu entertainment and martial arts


We will send time, space, performing arts, art, music, and luxurious time to heal your heart from Okinawa.
A healing image of Croix Healing, which captures the beautiful nature of Okinawa, will be projected on the screen!

Top in the healing music market, including traditional oriental and western healing music, music with evidence produced in collaboration with the medical community and all other experts, traditional music from around the world and Japan, and beautiful 4K images. Croix Healing, a label specializing in sleep and healing that boasts a class share, will be held on October 18, 2020 (Sunday) at the Tedako Hall Large Hall in Urazoe City, Okinawa Prefecture, “A new transmission from Okinawa to the world.

“Dialogue with Nature-Island of Prayer / Communicating” by Percussionist Takeshi Onaga from Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Part 1 of “Okinawa Historical Story Spelled with Video Art and Music, Ryukyu Performing Arts and Martial Arts” “with Nature ~ the islands of Prayers ~” (video editing: Midori Onaga) provides healing footage of the beautiful nature of Okinawa. The image of Okinawa before the return of the Okinawa Archive Research Institute after the war and the natural image of Croix Healing are projected on the screen.

A luxurious time to heal your mind ...

The performance of the first part is time, space, and entertainment as described in “Video and live performance / Okinawa’s fantastic nature projected on the main screen and spherical screen, coexisting magical prayer intersecting ambient music.”・ Please enjoy the luxurious time to heal your heart with art and music.

“A new transmission from Okinawa to the world: video art, Okinawa historical story spelled out with music, Ryukyu performing arts and martial arts”

Date: 2020.10.18 (Sun) * The performance has already ended.
Venue: Urasoe City Tedako Hall Large Hall (1-9-3 Nakama, Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture)

Part 1 (16:00) Dialogue with Nature-Island of Prayer / Takeshi Onaga
Part 2 (17:00) OKINAWA SOUNDS-Following contemporary music from the Ryukyu era / Kanako Horiuchi
Part 3 (18:30) ~ Sound ~ Ryukyu Performing Arts CREATION / Sachiko Isa

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Onaga Midori
Music / Samba / Percussion
Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Percussionist. Participated in “Dark Continent Jagatara” and “Chica Boom” in Tokyo in the early 80’s. During his 12-year stay in Brazil in 1990, he also participated in the authentic samba team and hone his skills. After returning to Japan, after working in Tokyo, he returned to Okinawa in 2008. He is active in leading the percussion group “Bloco Batuque Brothers”.

Introducing beautiful images of Okinawa

Using the physiological, psychological, and social functions of music, we work with doctors, medical institutions, and specialists to recover from physical and mental disorders, maintain and improve functions, improve quality of life, relieve stress, and immunity. The role of CROIX HEALING is to deepen and expand music therapy in modern society, such as ups and downs. Please try the sound supplement, which is a health method that you can take from your ears.

In addition to sleeping music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing natural sounds, yoga music, Zen music, etc., we also produce a lot of classical music that emits healing frequencies such as Mozart and Bach.
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