A space has been created to stimulate the curiosity and playfulness of adults [Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo]


“Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo” is located in a convenient location not only for sightseeing in Kyoto but also for business.
The façade, which has the image of a modern Machiya and is composed of a combination of lattice doors and grids, which can be said to be the characteristics of Kyomachiya, is by no means gorgeous, but it has a sophisticated design with beautiful rhythms and movements.
It is one of the elements that arouse expectations for staying in Kyoto.

Design concept / keywords are "irritability", "nostalgia", and "gap"

A curtain-shaped screen is installed to invite customers to a simple and modern lobby while gently controlling the field of view while retaining the world of the façade, which is the image of a modern townhouse.

A huge touch screen in front of you, and when you go through the dirt floor, you will reach the automatic check-in counter …
Suddenly, a courtyard that recreates a fresh forest appears.
You will feel as if you are looking at a single painting.

Automatic check-in

The theme of the design of the large space is "Continue to review old knowledge to acquire new knowledge(温故知新)"

By mixing inorganic and modern industrial materials such as concrete and deck plates with materials and furnishings such as lighting and lumber, and old big tables that are over 100 years old, we expressed the passage of time with warmth and nostalgia.

The design theme is "Continue to review old knowledge to acquire new knowledge(温故知新)"
A space where you can feel nostalgia and newness

"Sanjo no Onkochishin(三条の温故知新)" space project

In this project, we created a space with an artist who has a connection with Kyoto.
The theme is Kyoto “Sanjo no Onkochishin” where tradition and culture are alive.
The coexistence of works and expressions with space has created a place that stimulates the sixth sense, which cannot be dismissed in the frame of “art space” in one word.

*Onkochishin=Continue to review old knowledge to acquire new knowledge

Guest room design. This is a healing place, this is the starting point of your stay in Kyoto.

The sloping floor, which is the design of the Prince Smart In-Brand, is designed so that the visual effect of switching the wallpaper on the wall in an interlocking manner makes the guest room look wider and more stylish.

By adopting a wallpaper with the motif of Higashiyama, the guest rooms are also lit up with the uniqueness of Kyoto Sanjo.
The theme is to create a space where you can enjoy your stay in Kyoto in a simple room more actively than ever before.

Prince Hotel “Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo”
A highly convenient location from the center of Kyoto, about an 8-minute walk from “Sanjo” station on the Keihan Main Line and a 5-minute walk from “Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae” station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line.
There are 137 guest rooms in the 5-story guest room building, which has the image of a modern townhouse and the motif of Kyoto.
It is a next-generation hotel brand of Prince Hotels that provides seamless services through the introduction of ICT and AI technologies, as well as a lobby with a modern and innovative design.
This will be the second store in Kyoto City following the “Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Shijo Omiya” which opened on May 31, 2021.



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