[Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto] “Winter Onsen Tour” with pick-up and drop-off on weekdays only


Starting December 1, 2022, the “Winter Onsen Meguri” event will be held on weekdays only, offering free admission to the hot springs of the target hotel on each day of the week for guests staying at the hotel. This plan allows guests to enjoy a unique winter hot spring tour with a different atmosphere each day of the week.

[Weekdays only] "Winter hot spring tour" with free shuttle service

On weekdays only, you can bathe free of charge in the hot spring baths of the applicable inn for each day of the week. During your stay (from the day of check-in to the day of check-out), a free shuttle bus will be provided at a fixed time per day from Nikko Yumoto to one inn per day, so please feel free to enjoy visiting the different winter hot springs.

Duration: Weekdays from December 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
For: Guests staying at Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto
How to participate: Please apply at the front desk on the day of use. We will issue a coupon.

*The inns to be guided may be subject to change due to group rentals, etc.
*Please refer to the official website for details such as the inns that are eligible for each day of the week and pick-up and drop-off times.
*Please be sure to check before using this program as it may be changed or cancelled depending on the situation.

>Okunikko Kogen Hotel
>Hotel in Okunikko Mori
>Yumoto Itaya
>Nikko Astoria Hotel

Okunikko Kogen Hotel
Hotel in Okunikko Mori
Yumoto Itaya
Nikko Astoria Hotel

Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto

Nikko Yumoto is a vacation village quietly nestled among the forests, lakes, and mountains of Oku-Nikko. It is also a convenient base for hiking in Senjogahara and visiting World Heritage sites such as Nikko Toshogu Shrine. You can enjoy hot spring water drawn from the “Nikko Yumoto Onsen”, which is said to be the fourth deepest sulfur spring in Japan.
>Kyukamura Nikko Yumoto



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