Juggling World Championship 2nd place “Yousuke Ubukata” performer group “Rhapsodia” released new video


Rhapsodia has released a new performance video “Pestrica” on the official YouTube channel “Yousuke Ubukata (RHAPSODIA) Channel”.

In a mysterious and fantastic world, it is full of juggling techniques and transcendental techniques that Rhapsodia led by Yousuke Ubukata fascinates. You will be fascinated by the new world of juggling, where cloths and rings that you have never seen dance like living things.


A group of performers made up of members who have achieved results at the world juggling competitions held in the United States and national competitions.
Various styles of performances are held nationwide, centering on performances that make full use of juggling.

We are also focusing on producing original promotional videos that pursue expressions and productions that cannot be seen live.
From 2018 to 2019, videos with a “Japanese” taste that are conscious of foreign viewers and tourists will be released at “Nikko Toshogu” etc., and in 2020, a “Western” taste that incorporates the world of “steampunk” Produced a promotional video.

Rhapsodia’s unique style is to develop a nationwide project while involving general sergeants by conducting crowdfunding every year.

About Yousuke Ubukata

* Main background / media
Former Cirque du Soleil registered performer
68th IJA Juggling World Championship Individual General Category: 2nd Place
68th IJA Juggling World Championship Extreme Juggling Diabolo Category: Winner
Tokyo Official Heaven Artist Registered Performer
Appeared in many American juggling magazines such as eJuggle, FM Edogawa, and Yomiuri Shimbun.

Founder and active representative of Juggling Rhapsodya.
He meets juggling when he enters college. He won a silver medal at the 70-year-old Juggling World Championship in just four years of practice. He set a record for the second time in history. After that, he will perform in Japan and abroad while working professionally. He develops original and advanced performances that attract the eyes of the audience, and his powerful techniques that are delivered one after another are always moving and inspiring. As a video creator, he is also releasing a promotional video of his own juggling on Rhapsodia.

About Yousuke Ubukata (RHAPSODIA) Channel

Rhapsodia’s official YouTube channel
The only channel where you can view all of Rhapsodia’s footage and its making.
You can enjoy promotional videos of the same quality as major media and various episodes and adventures in the production process.

>Official YouTube channel




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